in despair of the country

“A country where our junketing politicians have completely ignored the signals of a disappearing manufacturing section from the economy which is the only true form of wealth creation. Wait until the Tsunami really strikes! Then Nero-like they will fiddle their way through another tribunal as legal fat-cats soak billions out of the depleting coffers. And yet my employees and ex-employees may look forward to a future not so much of bench-marking as park-benching”

Jim O’Regan

Cork … 32248.html

While he might be right about the government not doing enough to support manufacturing “which is the only true form of wealth creation”, he spoils it by jumping on the bandwagon of “…tribunal as legal fat-cats soak billions out of depleting coffers”.

The legal fat-cats are an easy target, but are costing “only” tens of millions over a decade or so, and the tribunals are making back this cost and more in reclaimed taxes, arrears, fines, assets seized, etc. Why didn’t he attack the real cause of the problem, which is the government in bed with (and in some cases in the pay of) the property developers, “soaking billions” out of the economy into an unproductive asset?

This O Regan fella is mad , pure mad !

That senator harris fella appointed by bertie last year has explained at great length ( he is a windbag and this is the indo) why Bertie is not corruptat all !

its all frank connollys fault in fact !

Harris has lost the basic logical plot

the contortions are incredible

Admits it has been probed that bertie lied, probably deliberately to hide his Tax avoidance…

Eoghan you can’t face the truth

if it walks like a Duck, it swims like a duck and it quacks like a duck…
guess what

it’s a duck

For background to the story, is this Jim O’Regan this guy (who won a Cork business of the year award last year): … y48274.asp
… and his American multinational would then be a Tommy Hilfiger outlet?

Any Corkonians know what’s goin’ down with Timmi Hillnigger (as Spike Lee called them in parody)?

His job is to spin* A Truth* not to face 'it ’ , the sindo not only indulges him it also pays him :frowning:

Eoghan’s performance on the late late last Friday reminded me of the Bishop in Father Ted who kept braying “WE HAVE TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THE MEDIA”.

Ireland’s economy:

  1. Multinationals (accounting for over 90% of exports and a massive chunk of emloyment. Many on their way out. Marginally wealth-creating in terms of taxes and salaries)
  2. The public sector (bloated, overpaid, inefficient. Non wealth-creating , unless we count the long-term benefit of education and health, but that’s pushing it)
  3. Housing (lol. Non wealth-creating)
  4. Non tradable services (basically, Dundrum and Liffey Valley shopping centres. Almost entirely non wealth-creating)
  5. Tourism and agriculture (small, but genuinely wealth-creating industries. Yay!)
  6. Indiginous industry (you’d need a maginfying glass to see it)

Economic miracle or living for cheap, passing thrills on your credit card for 10 years?