"in the shadow of Croke Park"....

…is not what it says on the EA brochure, but thats where it is.

How much would you have to save on the asking to put up with the hassle?

Also, am I saying that the interruptionon daily life here from the stadium seems to be far worse than near the Aviva.

Despite my view on the upturn, I can see this getting anywhere near the asking…which suggests that fully modernised it would get €550k…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1955410

I would agree with you there Yorkiebar! Having lived near Croke Park for 10 years its one of the reasons we’re moving. Couldn’t say life is interrupted or discommoded on a daily basis but flipping hell the weekends, the matches. Hey we even have the Eucharistic Congress on Sunday! Now we’re not as close as Jones Road but you still have to plan your weekends around the matches as the traffic is a disaster - funny how the police are all over the place before the matches then they disappear and its chaos when the matches are over, then of course there’s parking - don’t get me started! On the plus side you get to listen to the concerts for free! posting.php?mode=reply&f=10&t=45021#

I live just as close to Croke Park as this house and it doesn’t put me out at all. The barriers go up on the roads early on match days so parking generally isn’t an issue on big game days. It’s the smaller match days that can often make things chaotic, the most hassle I have had was when they neglected to close the road for the all ireland camogie final. That said unreserved parking obviously has its disadvantages.

But more to the point, this house sat seemingly unoccupied for a long time and had a very creepy appearance. The door and windows were not boarded up though. Then when one day while passing it there was a group of people wearing overalls and face masks taking a break outside it. They didn’t look like pros, more a pitch in family effort, but who knows. They seemed to be taking time out from a very heavy duty job. After they left the doors and windows had been sealed up. I’m guessing there is nothing that doesn’t have to be done to this place.

The house to the immediate left as you look at the photo is lovely, the owner obviously takes a lot of pride in their house and garden. But the buildings to the right on down to the train track underpass (the train is very close by the way) are a mix, including some multiple bedsit type properties. Just across the road is the half-demolished church that caused so much controversy. It looks awful. Apparently the owner has won permission to fully knock it, but whether they will and build apartments on it as per the original plan remains to be seen.

Also down across the way is a tyre workshop, there is often quite a lot of activity around it, cars pulling up on the path etc.

All told the proximity to Croke Park is the least of this place’s worries. The price is a bit of a joke, I expect they will settle for substantially less should someone be brave enough to take this on.

i’d have a chat with the neighbour about the place too.

Dropped to 275k from 375k., -27%.

The original price was a joke, I take it this drop is indicative of absolutely zero interest.

So much hinges on what actually needs to be done here. The roof looks like it needs some care. Now being touted as a suitable project for a builder, not sure if that was always there in the description.

This thread relates to 3 jones rd. this was sale agreed for a number of months, but has just come back onto to the market with a different agent and with another 65k knocked off. I am guessing there was dissatisfaction with the old agent.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/2175895

The owners of some of these houses are entitled to free tickets to matches and concerts. Worth a few quid every year. The touts call around and pay cash to the residents.

They could have phrased that better.

I’m going to contest that award. I live in a house dating from 1875 and I reckon it is far superior :slight_smile:

Ah - don’t contest … how about a Croke Park agreement?