I am looking at both of these houses, both in good nick. I am ideally more interested in the SCR/Kilmainham side of Bulfin estate, but am getting frustrated at lack of properties for sale (outbid on one recently). I’m a bit concerned about anti-social behaviour at the Inchicore village side- given proximity to canal etc. Any advice most appreciated as will be living there alone (female) and security is primary concern.

Thanks in advance … -8/2491077 … -8/2393144


I rent just off on Emmet Rd. Myself and the wife have never had any problems in particular. All other things being equal, I’d look at the house further from the canal. there tends to be a bit of anti-social activity there (mainly drinking at the lock), but the bowsies travel there from Michael’s along the canal path rather than through the estate.

That’s a lovely, settled estate (with a good butcher’s at the bottom of the road), and Inchicore’s very handy for town / amenities etc. The village can be exciting enough in terms of scumbaggery, but that’s mainly by the Spar, and in a couple of the pubs.

In general, it’s a good place to live. Hope this helps.

Work with a guy from Inchicore who lives in Wexford and commutes to Dublin for work. Once asked him if living in Inchicore would work out much better for him and his reaction was to look at me if I had two heads.

He said that no matter how secluded an area you pick, your children still have to go to school with scumbags and he then reeled off names of his classmates who were dead or in bits from drug and alcohol abuse.

Both houses are nicely finished-remodeled,one in particular had me puzzled as to what was on the shelves then it hit me,something you very rarely see in these brochure photos…actual books on actual book shelves.

Any city location like Inchicore is gonna have more than its share of dortbags,Inchicore is no worse or better than any other area in close proximity to the city centre and you have all the advantages that come with that proximity.

Thanks all, appreciate your views. I just made an offer on one of the houses (about 5000 people at viewing for both by the way), and having named my figure, the EA said 'and what LTV is that ’ which I thought was very cheeky?!

I live round the corner in kilmainham its a pretty good area…I think the general rule is to keep as far away from the end near the luas tracks as you can…

+1, it’s generally a grand area, the village is handy although you’re unlikely to be hanging around soaking in the ambience, a very short walk to Kilmainham, very good transport links etc…