Income Distribution & Tax Take




If taxes went up for them, rents might go down (they compete with each other ultimately).
from one parasite class to another


Another way of looking at it is to look at wealthy people living in some third world country which doesn’t have a welfare system of any description and correspondingly lower taxes as well. Many of those people have to pay for a private army and live in fortified accommodation to protect them from the other 99% of the population. Living at the top table of life comes at a cost, but it’s better than the alternative.


Yes they pay a little more for security in developing countries but most business people pay little tax overall. High earning salary workers often get screwed by the government too.

Each country has a different set of circumstances and contrary to media portrayals not all developing countries are crime ridden or particularly dangerous places to live , many are, but by no means all of them are!


Bribery is necessary to operate any kind of business in those countries. They have stringent licensing regimes for everything over there, and if you don’t pay a substantial tip, unexpected administrative problems will cause the issuance of your export license to be held up 6 months.

In practice, many economists regard this as a kind of tax.


My question would be, where is there? Emerging or developing? Turkey, Taiwan, India , Nigeria or Kenya?

All quite different in their business environment and safety profile.


That’s horseshit.


Just check out Transparency International to see how things are.


Firstly, I worked in a corrupt environment and it affected everyone, not just the rich, and there was nothing like the “progressive” policy we have in our taxation in relation to obtaining things. Secondly, seeking to divert the conversation from taxation to corruption is simply trolling.


I never said the poor were unaffected. Just that they have less money to pay to corrupt officials.

Sorry, but graft is a legitimate area of economic analysis. Economists study it closely. Not only that, but anti-tax activists routinely compare taxation with gangster extortion.

From the POV of a businessman, an official tax that you have to pay by law is effectively the same as a bribe you need to hand over in order to be able to operate your business.


The still-hidden debt burden of Ireland’s top earners … 66155.html

ESRI: Bulk of tax burden carried by middle-income earners



the comments on the Indo article are interesting in that it is a case of the economist telling the mob that the wealthier have already upped their contribution and the mob yelling back “so what, tax them more”.


we still spend an obscene amount doling out sweeties … 6476.shtml

here is this little gem

When there was full employment, the welfare budget rose from €9.5bn in 2002 to €15.5bn in 2007 - - up 63%. Beneficiaries rose about 80,000 to 1.58m.

The bailout troika has requested that Joan Burton, minister for social protection, cut €440m next year, or just over 2% from the 2014 budget but a spokesperson has said a reduction of that scale could not be made “without doing some very harsh things.”

so we all know the welfare budget under st.joan will grow later in the year rather than shrink, there’s still a huge amount of fat to trim but it easier to put it on the ecb credit card


Hikes have led to 23% of earners paying 81% of tax, says institute … -1.1939201





More than 1 million workers will not pay income tax this year … -1.3544848

Interestingly, Revenue income distribution tables here … index.aspx

now point you to CSO for the Income Tax figures … ID=DB_RV01


We’re setting ourselves up again for another big fall


Yup no lessons learnt on a lot of fronts.


Deeply misleading headling and article text from Irish Times.

There is no evidence that all 956,200 tax units are workers. A large amount will be people with income from DB/DC pensions or just investment income.

Turning to the workers, there are plenty who deliberately pay themselves low incomes in the hope of a capital gain when the business is sold in due course. I am sure a few pinsters are in this space.

There will also be lots of students, seasonal workers, immigrants/emigrants who work part of the year.

That said, the tax burden on people working full-time on low wages is very low, but there are not nearly as many of them as this article suggests.


Revenue do provide an age distribution of tax units. IRC The vast majority are of working age.