Income tax rates will need to rise - Alan Aherne IT

Strong opinion piece by Alan Aherene. I particularly like the final paragraph. … 67061.html

It reads very well.

I can’t help think that the VI’s within the government will fuck it all up for generations to come.

Good article. Unfortunately, that type of logic is likely to go unheeded by our leaders as they endeavour to insulate the primary beneficiaries of the Property Boom from the consequences of their largesse. Remember this… … y36598.asp

The Divide and Conquer tactics of the establishment in highlighting the Public Sector Pay issue has dominated debate in the news media as well as here on the Pin for months now.

Alan Aherne has laid it on the line quite starkly in the above article. Saving a billion odd through such paycuts, although necessary, is a mere drop in the ocean when viewed in terms of the enormous deficit which has arisen as a result of the ending of the Property Bubble.

Its time that the likes of Seánie Fitz and the other bubblistas who have raped Ireland for the past decade were made pay their fair share. After that we can begin to approach nurses, teachers and Gardaí with a view to seeking sacrifices on their part.

tax rates of well above 48% will result in black economy and our best and brightest emigrating to a country where the government doesn’t take more from your wage packet than you do
it is immoral for any government to try and take more from my earnings than i do

A new 48% tax rate will just kill initiative and a willingness to work and take risk in business. A much better solution would be to standard rate all tax reliefs as well as eliminating a few of them and cutting the Personal/PAYE allowance to bring at least some of the minium wage into the tax net. That is a fairer distribution.

So after all we got from Europe in terms of cheap finance and an opportunity to use that for our betterment its F***ed up and we’re back to square one dodging bullets and nixers all over the place.

“Welcome to Oirland, give us yer money, now f*** off”

Hear hear.

I have drawn my line in the sand and it looks like I will be having to follow through quicker than I imagined.

Pity but at least I may beat the rush.

With PSRI etc. that will leave marginal tax rate going over 50%, for me an inequitous threshold. YoOu can’t even keep half of any additional income you might (aspire) to earn.

Unfortunately, I can’t see this being avoided given the political realities in Ireland.

I would prefer to see a revenue accretive reform of indirect tax. VAT levied at something signficiantly less than the current 21.5% on everything (yes, including children’s clothes and food).

Also a revenue accretive replacement of stamp duty (reduce it to a flat 2% say) with a system of rates.

Oh man, it’s just going backwards! Tax children allowance for starters. All income should be taxable.

Who are the ‘best and brightest’ referred to above? All I saw over the past ten years was the ‘best and brightest’ running around buying numerous apartments in the middle of Longford.

Our country is ruined, and for a large part its them that describe themselves as the ‘best and brightest’ who have ruined it. If the ‘best and brightest’ are only willing to stay here in times of bubble, let them fupp off and good riddance too. And I hope they take Seánie Fitz with them.

Why have it at all?

Absolutely agree!

At least the early childcare allowance looks set for the chop. The most pointless payment ever made and a clear example of how government spending got stupid in the bubble years. It started off as a payment to working parents to defray childcare costs but so as not to piss off stay at home mothers they made it a universal payment. Absolute lunacy!

yes good articel. I’ve mentioned to some that the following might be a interesting start:

  1. Reduce VAT to 15% and Merge existing 13.5% & 21% into one band.

  2. All Government Dept. & State Bodies purchases & sales to be VAT “Exempt”

  3. Gov Payroll exempt from Income TAX in return for major reduction in Wage bill at least using a range of 1-80%.

  4. Remove Income tax on anything below 30K

  5. Temporarily nationalise all unoccupied residential, commercial, industrial property & land. Immediate commandeering by Gov of this vital resource hearlding a new process of land use. (Far more effective than a Property Tax!)

  6. An oldie but a Goldie, walk away form Kyoto. There are more effective ways to deal with pollution.

I believe measure 1,2 & 3 Woudl help to alleviate a myriad of cash flow problems in public and private sector. Remember Gov have a total input to all cost with VAT. Reducing this reduces pressure and make pay reduction and unemployment more manageable. I mention this before well in advance of the UK announcement so it snot a new idea. VAT in Ireladn is onerous.

Why should the Gov pay VAT? Why should schools pay VAT? its all about control I know I kow but tbh tweill be the end of us all :angry:


But i think the government should encourage mothers to stay at home, and encourage people to have kids.

the’re the future!

The only way I see that ending with our savvy government doing the negotiating is with the income tax being removed and wages staying the same.

Good god :open_mouth:

Please give me a heads up if this looks likely to be implemented so I can start claiming asylum somewhere else.

If Brian Cowen had balls he would:

  • cut his own salary in half
  • cut ministerial salaries in half
  • cut the number of junior ministers
  • rationalise the expenses system, no more unvouched expenses
  • cull the number of committees, no additional pay for sitting on those that remain, it’s part of your job
  • Garda drivers and cars gone.
  • Any other easy money schemes that they are in on, such as free parking
  • Admit that they have fucked up bad
  • Elaborate on a plan to get us out of the shit
  • kill crazy schemes like Metro North
  • review the NDP and promote those schemes that give real value or create significant work

If the opposition had balls they would be calling for:

  • TD’s salaries to be cut in half, i.e. their own salaries
  • expense rationalised
  • additional pay gone

Now the standard excuse that is used is that these savings are a drop in the ocean compared to the savings required, they may be a drop in the ocean but it is the right place to start. Fianna Fail taking the high moral ground would be nigh on impossible but they need to do these things to gain any credibility.

Next, they need to lay out in a clear and concise manner the sort of shithole that we have fallen into. No need for exaggeration or wailing or screaming, just tell it like it is. We are taking in x, we are spending y. Lay out the plan that is going to be enacted to try and get us out of this mess. Pay must be cut, taxes must be raised but not to a prohibitive level.

Kill partnership, it really wasn’t a success, the governments gave, the partners took. There is nobody involved in the partnership process that represents the majority of the people bar our elected representives. The “partners” are VIs, they have a more immediate loyalty to who they represent than the country as a whole. Bar them all from government buildings for the foreseeable future.

The Public Service pay bill must be tackled, it is not a sacred cow. Please do not spin the line that you gained nothing from the boom. The pay levels stack up well to international comparison. The PS must be tackled as a whole and expenses cut but the elephant in the room is pay. Pension arrangements must be changed to a more realistic offering. This is a burden that the country can not carry.

Workers in the private sector are already suffering, job losses and pay cuts. However, we have to accept that there will be some level of tax increases. I would propose that both the top rate and the standard rate are raised to some degree. Property taxes should be applied to second homes, as introduced but at a higher rate. If as it seems, we are in a deflationary spiral then the minimum wage could possibly be reduced. I have mixed feelings on this one but I think it is necessary to gain competitiveness.

The public at large must sign up to the fact that in the short term services may be affected by these changes. This is going to be tough but in this case, needs must. I would hope that services for the poorest or most vulnerable would be protected but that is unlikley to happen as they will probably bear a significant portion of the burden.

I genuinely fear for this country.

Is this suddenly the hare brained schemes thread?!? :smiling_imp:

We did one about a year ago. Its time for some more! 8DD

Is doing nothing a grand plan?

'Cause it looks like FF are doing just that