Incorrect or Misleading Addresses


This may already be up here as a Topic but I couldn’t see it ?

I was looking at Rental Accommodation for my Cousin in Palmerstown and couldn’t believe they have this down as Palmerstown. Surely it’s more Clondalkin/Lucan ??

Has anyone any other Ad’s/Examples they’ve seen where the address is way off !!

Common enough EA trick. Half of Blanchardstown is in Castleknock. … 15/1830157

This is Blanch.

I knew it was going to be those apartments before I opened the link. Happens all the time but these are the worst example I’ve seen, there is a bloody motorway between them and Palmerstown!

I couldn’t figure out from the map where exactly it is. :confused: The map was zoomed out to the extent that it covered a massive area including much of Palmerstown and beyond. What road is it on? I know Palmerstown pretty well and it’s not that big.

Edit: Oh right - just saw Aloysius’ post. So they’re on the other side of the M50? Then I wouldn’t call them Palmerstown. Palmerstown straddles the N4 and is inside the M50 (i.e. on city centre side of it) between Lucan and Chapelizod. Though that said not sure if King’s Hospital is inside the M50 and that’s in Palmerstown. Still though, besides that, to all intents and purposes the Palmerstown that I know is all inside the M50.

"At whatever stage in life you may find yourself, a new home or apartment at St. Edmunds is a smart move for living and investment. Situated just seven minutes walk from the Liffey Valley Centre, this brand new development features stylish one, two and three bedroom apartments, and two, three and four bedroom duplexes.

The Liffey Valley area is transforming into an exciting hub for young professionals with the recent development of new hotels and hip bars, Dublin’s premier health and fitness centres, and the country’s landmark shopping and entertainment experience, the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre.

Modern business parks are also on the rise, with many companies choosing the area as a smart new address within easy reach of the city centre.

Already well served by public transport, the plan for a direct LUAS line to the city centre is sure to make this location even more desirable for city centre workers. A smart investment. Modern and spacious homes. A convenient address. All the right boxes are ticked. Make your next move at St. Edmunds"

I love the original sales pitch…

I know the whole Clondalkin/Lucan thing is very common in a lot of parts of rezoned “New Lucan” but I’ve never seen it referred as Palmerstown.

I did see people in Palmerstown Woods Clondalkin Dub 22 put their address as Palmerstown Woods Co Dublin haha !! Good luck getting your post !!

They’re across from The Clarion Hotel hun. Next to the Travellers :smiley:

Is that sort the Ronanstown/ Neilstown kind of area?

Technically it is in Palmerstown.

The Palmerstown postal area has a peculiar shape and does include this development. Basically the Liffey valley until you hit Lucan is Palmerstown.

It isn’t a new thing. It’s just the various motorways have along the ways cut it off from the rest of Palmerstown. Kings Hospital is similarly cut off. Back in the day there would have been nothing in the area apart from St Loman’s Hospital. The most convenient post code to it was Palmerstown. This development sits on top of that.

The denizens of the real Palmerstown should insist it be deisignated ‘Dublin 20W’ :mrgreen:
Well, they got away with it in Dublin 6…

I’m with the Permanent TSB Bank in Liffey Valley and their address is Clondalkin ?

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
Fonthill Road
Dublin 22 This is a good place to check the actual address of any property, very useful.

The Liffey valley and Liffey Valley Shopping Centre are 2 very different things.

Also, that address should be:
Quaryvale Shopping Centre
Fonthill Road
Dublin 22

It doesn’t really make since for these to be Palmerstown I’d the shopping centre is Clondalkin as these are further out.
they are beautifully located between a duel carriage way, a halting site and a methadone clinic so I don’t think Id be moving in whatever they like to call it.

Given the number shootings around Clondalkin, that might have been a very apposite typo…

That’s an incorrect or misleading address. The correct one is: … spost.aspx

Cool. That’s useful. And it also has corroborated something I was saying the other day about another road someone was saying was in a different (worse) area to where it really is. The seller/ estate agent in that case was actually telling the truth!

Apologies my mistake.


Here is anotherone near Liffey valley but it’s claiming to be rathmines, … in/1881169