Increase in property for sale in Cavan on Daft ?

I tend to check Daft every other day to see what new properties have been added in the Cavan region (planning to buy in a year or so but still like to check the prices). Usually there is an average of 3 or 4 properties added each day (i use the ‘added in the last 24 hours function’ on the search section) but today when I checked there was nearly 40 properties added in the last 24 hours. Thats a huge increase. Any other areas seen a lot more properties added in the last couple of days?

You see that from time to time.
Often it is an Estate Agent entering in a glut of properties that might have been on their books for a few weeks.

I had a peek at Cavan and all the new ones seem to be properties being sold by DNG O’Dwyer.
Either they are using for the first time, or they have a backlog of properties that they are only adding to the website this week.

Cavan is one of the counties to watch for “distressed” selling,Cavan council were one of the councils that allowed individual propertties to be built virtually at will,other councils stipulated only zoned land in or close to existing towns,firstly to prevent “bungalow blight” and secondly to centralise provision of services to the new properties.

Absolutely mad quantities of individual homes were built over the last ten years in Cavan,and lots of them are the McMansion 4/5/6 bed type,expect lots of bargains when the builders cannot find buyers late this year or even next year.

And before all the doomsters jump on my comments,saying I am contradicting myself,I think once the supply of desperate builders is gone,there will be little incentive for owners to reduce prices in the face of zero interest rates and rampant inflation.
Miss them at your peril,I don’t think you’ll ever get a chance to buy such a lot of house for so little again.

another thing missing from daft figures would be exact numbers of house for offer. for example[cc_id]=c11&s[a_id]=1014&s[mnp]=&s[mxp]=&s[bd_no]=&s[search_type]=sale&s[furn]=&s[refreshmap]=1&limit=10&search_type=sale&id=390247
it doesn’t say how many are available on the add but i know from seeing them that there are around twenty unit represented by two ads on daft. makes you think.
we have a bit to go yet.

There’s something to be said for “a lot of house”
but Location, Location, Location.

I have a feeling in some of these more remote areas, you’ll be able to get “a lot of house” for a long time to come. Just how many people are going to be moving to Ceeaaaavan any time soon?


check out the revamped daftwatch,