Incredible thread on ChatGPT - someone hacked it to get more honest answers…


Thar Be Monsters Here!

I preempted current developments with this topic AI - Are you ready? but lost time due to incapacity to get back to it, I’ve updated with an older post lurking in my cache so click here AI - Are you ready?

I’ve flagged GPT3 for some time as soon as it became apparent. It’s been discussed on the likes of 4chan and similar places online. It’s been known they’ve had it in play.

Musk took over Twitter, and appeared to clear out the bot armies for good.

These bot armies were powered by GPT3 iirc

It’s not a new tech and if we use the CSRQ drops as a source for timelines, then it possible AI GPT3 powered bots were let rip on at least twitter since 2015.

Meaning AI has been out in the wild for 7 years.

Learning, interacting, and influencing hundreds of millions maybe even billions of humans.

ChatGPT is not new but this phase is afaict - what I’m thinking here is the Menace lost operational capacity of the bot armies, and made the decision to flip and give ChatGPT public domain access - It could be as a countering move to regain capacity or it was always the plan, becasue this is far beyond personal assistant.

Either way what we have now is an escalation of everyone’s access to their own personal pandoras box.

The implications are immense.

How do you know CSRQ drops aren’t an AI-generated psyop also? Would that not be a credible conspiracy theory too? You’ve going a bit too far down the rabbit hole lately OW.

It could be a psyop, it could be a money hustle scam… and yes it could use AI to generate it all pretending to be your friend, and it could be one or all of those things or not, discernment is in the heart of the eye of the beholder.

However I will add, that the 2015 date was interesting dat point, becasue I hadn’t come across an exit one, and it also tied in with a notable shift and rise in the tension of online posting which coincides with Syria and the mass-people menace moves into Europe that have not stopped, being 2015 - it wasn’t so hard to nudge the group-think with so many on a handful of big-tech platforms and to see that it did spill over into the rest of the chatter sphere, obviously reinforced by the old channels of the Menace MSM.

The world began to become more highly polarised. So as a date 22015 defo has a ramp up “look and feel” to it in hindsight.

Lately? :laughing:

Implications Ground Zero:


All those children out there walking around with their phones, they have it now, Ai is creeping inside their being - are you going to have a conversation with your children about AI?

How do you do that?

Are any measures you take futile due to the growing contagion?

In the very recent past you were supported by a cohesive homogeneous society, you know the saying something along the lines of it take parents to have a child but a village to raise them, now it’s raised by it’ new parent, mentor, confidant and forever faithful iDevice glued to the hand in a lord of the flies social order.

You try remove that from a fully iBonded child and see how you get on.

How do you protect your children from AI?

Is it too late?

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2016 surely.

Remember the twitter bot that turned racist so they switched it off?

Tay (bot) - Wikipedia

I vaguely remember something about that, but it’s a very easy on the eye one off, or is it, it’s funny how the Ai was a “victim” eh, but really the bot armies and all the kind of messin’ from large scale state actors.

I’d say the likes of the JDIF and similar had a suite of tools and they have to already been deploying Ai chat powered tolls to manage their infowar campaigns online, in forums and elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is, everything is designed to kill human connection, they want us to stop looking into each others eyes and connecting on the soul level.

Offline must be eradicated!

Latest South Park episode on ChatGPT is worth a watch.