Inda, Il Duce

I think Enda is misreading the mood of the nation. Either that or he is unable to contain his aspirations to be a tinpot dictator.

How can he think there is an appetite to give additional powers to the government to investigate financial misdeeds – a proposal that the public have shot down in flames once already? Why does he think that a Dail committee that cannot make findings of fact is the appropriate way to investigate anything? Does he just see an opportunity to parade FF’s dirty laundry in public again? At this stage, could he even get a referendum on Seanad abolition passed?

I think Enda fancies himself as a more “presidential” type of leader. He’s well known to be a student and fan of Barack Obama’s speeches. As leader of a government in a unicameral system there will be fewer annoying obstacles in his way. Basically, he wants to be Il Duce.

Agreed we want a criminal trail not a parliamentary inquiry chaired by mupets.

Enda thinks he’s Kennedy. I don’t have a big issue with the way he is, it’s just he ain’t no Jack Kennedy. He stands back and tries to be the chairman and presidential. As he’s a lightweight this is good as he can’t meddle in things too much. He is 11 years as party leader in FG. I’d say he wants to win the next election and go a year after that tops.

Considering what went before, Enda has done something to restore a presentable image for Ireland abroad.

I’d assumed the point of a parliamentary enquiry was to ensure that nobody would ever get punished?

Amazing vote of no confidence in Ireland’s judicial and criminal systems that there is apparently no way to establish the facts of this case. It really is an indictment of the DPP and the cops that these Anglo recordings have been available for years and nothing has been done. An inquiry into this is a total waste of money and time. Definitely time for a bit of this.

While you’re waiting can you knit us all a scarf or balaclava.

12 mins 58 seconds, well worth a listen. I was 100% for cutting the Seanad but not if it gives the morons in the Dail more power especially power over and above the supreme court


he dismissed Kenny as “Mr. Kenny from the West of Ireland” - shows his true colours. A snobby, West Brit asshole.

15.50 in this clip

I’m the last person on earth to be a Norris fan, but he has Kenny pegged – a little Napoleon (22:45). Given Norris’s recent cancer diagnosis it’s unlikely he’s arguing to save his own job.

Martina Devlin of the “One House” campaign saying on RTE that the Seanad abolition campaign was negatively affected by Il Duce’s refusal to debate the issue. She says it was discourteous to the electorate. And that’s what the people on his side are saying!

In the same interview David Norris hardly able to contain himself. Says that Il Duce’s power grab has failed.

What was Kenny thinking of putting Bruton in charge of the referendum campaign,probably spent most of it looking for Sabatier knives on Ebay.

I mean Jesus lads how’d ye fucking lose a virtual dead cert.

This is so true of people around me!

BTW, I assume the government will do what they did with the European elections,
claim there was confusion amongst the public, and not enough people voted,
so they will re-run it until they get the vote they want :angry:

I would have no problem with that.

I reckon they will care even less about the same sex marriage referendum given the level of support they got from Labour with the Seanad referendum.