Inda Kinny takes a 5% pay cut

In a symbolic gesture inda is takin a 5% pay cut. :angry:

If he’d said 20% or even 10% then I’d be a bit less cynical.

Hats off to him. Thats leadership right there.

If FF want my support theyll have to better that and take a 10% cut.

I think that’s impressive, beats the bitching he normally gets on with.

5% nominal is nigh 10% in real terms.

fair play.

am I being too begrudging? maybe…

Closest thing we have seen to leadership in this country in a while.

Despite tending towards shirts of a blue hue, I’ve been quick to criticise Enda in the past when I feel it is appropiate.

This though is typical of the man who is one of the most sincere politicians I’ve met (and I’ve met many over the years). While it isn’t going to leave him short of change, it is an important gesture which every member of the Oireachtas and senior civil servant should follow.


Would ya get off the stage, the lad is a gimp
leadership me hole

:confused: If he takes a 5% pay cut on his salary that translates to just above 2.5% in his take home pay? No?

I’m no FG fan, I think the man is a bit of a joke to be honest, but this is leading by example, and it should be encouraged, if only to shame the other lot into doing something similar.

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don’t like the man,
and while i think it’s bit of a PR exercise,
I think its something that senior civil servants/principal secretaries should follow!
I’m not even going to waste my time wishing the same from FF!

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edit: er, unless you’re Enda Kenny :blush:

What we need now is a couple of phantom bidders to outdo 5%, pretty soon we’ll be paying all of them in peanuts (which is still far more than they deserve).

How do you figure that?

tax adjustment, 5% cut will be roughly 2.5% difference in take home pay

It’s a token, it depends on how cynically you want to view it. And postmodern cynicism is probably another thing we cant afford anymore btw. :wink:

If we assume a progressive tax system:
5% drop in gross pay means less than 5% drop in net pay.
Depends what his effective tax rate is, lets say 35%
If he takes 5% cut which tax is payable at 41% plus PRSI the hit to net pay might be 4%.

Never would get near 2.5%

It may be PR stunt but it raises the bar for FF next week

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Yeah, I thought that 2.5% was a good bit off the mark.