Inda Kinny takes a 5% pay cut

Come on Brian ante up, call or raise :wink:

40% tax and 7% PRSI (or is it only the self-employed that pay that?).

edit: Podge, you’re talking nonsense. If he takes 5% off his gross, his effective tax rate goes down. The 5% comes off the top bit of his salary that is taxed at the highest rate. You can’t average it over his whole salary.

Unless, of course, he is planning to give in cash 5% of his salary back to the exchequer, in which case, Xman is correct and so is Podge… the Ts&Cs are unclear!

I think this is a brave and progressive step.

Brave as it is likely to lead to ridicule… but thinking a little outside of the effect the 5% cut will have on him.
It’s the message he is sending out… 5% is something a lot of people might be willing to accept as a drop in the current environment, 10% is not.
For what it’s worth if he had taken a 50% cut people would say he can well afford it and it’s a publicity stunt.
So 5% to me is showing leadership… the sort of leadership people might follow.

BTW… I’ve never voted FG… but I admire pro-action of this sort.

I think Superted was offering a critique of Enda Kenny and his gesture Rigsby. Whizz can look after himself.

Mathematics is an underrated subject
Lets say he earns 100,000 and his effective rate of tax pre pay-cut is 35%. Lets also assume his marginal rate of tax is 43%, 41% PAYE plus 2% PRSI:
Gross Pay: 100,000
Net Pay: 65,000

He takes a 5% pay cut:
Gross pay reduces 5,000
Net Pay reduces 2,850 (5,000 * (1 - 0.43))

Post pay cut:
Gross Pay: 95,000, a 5% reduction
Net Pay: 62,150, a 4.38% reduction

Ask yourself what the question when you talk about 2.5%, what is the numerator and which is the denominator.

It wouldn’t sway me unless every FG TD simultaneously took the cut, or indeed put a bill forward reducing TD’s salaries.

Otherwise it’s a bit of a stunt.

I’m quite sure the Greens said they wouldn’t take one of the rounds of raises (back when they were in opposition) and would give it to the party instead, but who’s watching now?

Ah, I see where you went wrong, you threw maths at me :blush:

Sorry, I was getting the 2.5% from his total salary not his after tax - apple divided by pear * embarrassment.

I was kind of thinking about the purchasing power effect of taking a 5% nominal (pre-tax) pay cut when inflation is c.5%. ie you are losing more than 5% of your purchasing power…


Lets not forget the reason FF are in Govt is becasue the Country decided Kenny was not fit to lead.

FG gained a large number of seats in the last election

however, the sheeple preferred to stick with the devil they knew

this is not to say the current incumbents are any the more fit for purpose although they have lost some of their more extremist bent since McCreevy was sent to europe, Bertie was honourably discharged and the PD’s imploded.

at least Inda’s one attempt at leadership has saved the taxpayer a few bob, FF’s gesture has landed us in €400bn worth of potential downside

some bottle, some neck - as the beer ad once said

Apparently 8% is “populist nonsense”.


lol, someone call the hospital we need to send a patient to the burns unit

Lets not forget that that the reason FF are in government is because they bought off the the public service unions in addition to a lot of floating voters in commuter counties believing the FF/VI spin about them being better off by being on the ‘property ladder’ when buying in Laois, Offaly, Cavan, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Carlow, Kilkenny and the Cork city commuter belts in Cork East and Cork NW.

Those voters decided to stick with the Party who they felt had made them wealthier just as they would be likely to reject FF if an election were held now because they feel that they are poorer.

Now lets move on and avoid this thread resembling some of the sh*te that appears on with sweeping and over-simplified statements. If you want to debate the ins and outs of the last election and Kenny’s ability or lack thereof then start a thread in the appropiate forum and I’ll gladly discuss it with you there.

Edit: hadnt heard that piece from TodaFM til now - me thinks Gogarty deserves an apology or an acknowledgement of some kind (but then I am naive and hope that one day we will have a Dail full of capable and honest politicians who will put the country first…)


crazy, only a few days after mocking Gorgarty for an 8% cut he makes a 5% cut.
Goddamn that man hasnt a clue

I can’t help but think he sounds like Ben Dunne on those gym ads on the radio. Exact same delivery.

What an idiot, Inda isn’t di boss of Inda. He has no authority to give himself a pay cut, next he’ll be giving himself performance related bonuses.

This is why a legislature shouldn’t be allowed to govern, they think that when they say something it becomes operational procedure the following day. Stupid farcical system bring back the High Kings.

Maybe that’s exactly why he did it! If they give it to him, they will have to give it to themselves!

I’d heard this already and was mystified as to why he thought calling “populist nonsense” was somehow a good reason not to do it. Its called leading from the front Enda. You may want to look into it. And since the gubberment is about to give us a savage beating in the next budget it could be a bit of an aul plan to try to show that we aren’t going to be the only ones who are going to have to tighten our belts to help pay for this fine mess we’re in.

He was actually doing pretty well in that interview until he started digging his heels about the idea in the reduction of his massive TD’s salary. Its a big sh!t sandwich Enda we’ve got here Enda and everybody gets to take a bite. I’ll be taking a bite no doubt and I didn’t do much to guide us into this mess. So I don’t see why the ruling class shouldn’t take a bite also.