Indebted tycoons' project is virtually a 'ghost town' … 74980.html … 74979.html

I’d never heard of Ballisodare before, so I Googled it and the first return was Daft…where it shows 39 properties for sale there. And I guess that’s before we add these 200 units.

For a village (or townland? or hamlet?) 7km from the 6th or 7th or 8th largest town in Ireland, that is a bit on the high side I would have thought.

Ballisodare was one of the villages in Sligo that got a “Village Design Statement”. (Also Grange 2001/2002)
It used to be posted on the website as of 2007/8 but alas no more

only found this on Sligo co co website in reference:

another village where “forward planning” was supposed to apply and they get a Ghost estate dumped in on them.
Beware any village with ** Village Design Statements"** they seem to get shit on at the end of the day.

Beware any village with ** Village Design Statements"* they seem to get shit on at the end of the day.*

Absolutely! The VDS for Grange recommended preserving its historic centre but all retail outlets have been moved to a god-awful strip-mall, devoid of any visual attraction, along the N15.
Behind them are several unbuilt and partly-built apartments while a little further back are unbuilt/unfinished houses: the builder went bust.
Meanwhile the Grange priest is lobbying for land to be rezoned so that a housing estate can be built well away from the village! :unamused:

another lot of ACC loans going back to 2003 I see.

The concept of a sattelite town of Sligo should tell you all you need to know.

And what genius decided that this fiasco needed tax designation?

The usual suspects, Cowen and McCreevey !

Tycoon’s eh :unamused:

Copy of Ballisodare Village Design Statement 2002. … sodare.pdf
wonder how the Vision of 2002 will meet the Reality of 2010

The partially sold development referred to in the Independent piece … 74980.html and built by Gilmartin in Rosses Point, currently has the streets dug up to FIX the sewage and utility pipes that were incorrectly laid 2 years ago. These 4 bed homes are still being sold for €700k. It must be a health hazard. … 77371.html

ACC working their way down the chain. Must be scary for the smaller guys waiting for the inevitable.