Index Tracker

More of an AAM question I know but I didn’t wanna have to through the whole registration rigmarole.

Where is the best place to invest in an ISEQ tracker (or any index tracker for that matter?)
I know QuinnLife do their CelticFreeway. Is this just the ISEQ20 ETF in disguise? I know they charge 1% pa. Is there any cheaper way of gaining the same exposure?
Ideally I’d be lookin to invest between 500 and 1000 euro a month and splitting it between the ISEQ and possibly the S&P however I’m not really sure if this is even possible.
I know I could probably do all through a broker but I’m not sure how cost effective this would be considering it’s small regular amount as opposed to a big lump sum.

Any guidance appreciated. (although I’m expecting it to be “keep your money in the bank”) :laughing:

ps…wasn’t sure whether to put this in the iseq thread or not. Move if appropriate.

Do you really want an ISEQ tracker? Unless you have a strong view on the Irish economy then diversify and go for a pan-European index.

I think it’s possibly been oversold. Or soon will be. I’ll only have a very small amount invested at the beginning anyway. I’m not really qualified to call the bottom or anything.

I haven’t really being paying much attention to things on a European front hence my interest in the ISEQ. Obviously I’ll have to think about it and I’m in no rush to jump into anything.

I really don’t have any faith in any of the Bank’s actively managed funds so I think passive is the way to go. I’m interested in the mechanics of investing in Index trackers and where the best value is. Any other advice is appreciated too obviously!

Dont catch a falling knife.

  1. Let it fall
  2. Watch the bounce
  3. Let it Fall again
  4. Pick it up

That way you keep your fingers.

Funny you mentioned it, the topic is being covered today on FT Alpha … nk-stocks/

Quinn’s fees have been among the lowest around for a long time.

Once you know the index you want to track, low fees are prety much what it’s all about.

Rabo makes fund buying very easy but their fees are higher, probably reflecting that convenience.


Any good books or publications to read about doing things locally.
I’ve read a few American centric books but obviously they give no idea of different rules/brokers/fees here.