I’m not sure if there is another thread on India, forgive me if there is, but I’m doing research on India as a place to find good investment properties. What are the best locations in India for investment and where can I find more information on such places?

Many thanks in advance


Have you been to India?


I’m not sure that this site is what you’re looking for. I think many of us would raise eyebrows at investing in property in India.

The demographics are good!

In recent weeks, however, inflation has tipped over 12%, largely driven by surging oil prices. This has pushed up interest rates and turned property companies into the biggest corporate losers of India’s slowing economy. They have been kicked from several sides. Homebuyers are put off by expensive or elusive credit; banks are rationing credit to developers; prices of building materials like cement and steel have soared. The share prices of property firms are down by 40-70% from their highs earlier this year.

Feeling savvy?

I would advise travelleing to India and examining the situation for yourself.


Thanks, no I haven’t been to India, I still think there are opportunities there. Long-term gains I think.

This has to be a wind-up.

An Indian guy I work with has given me his word that Indian property prices only go up. So bale on in there

[1] My undertanding is that only Indian citizens, Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin can own property in India.
[2] There is not one single propety market in India

I am certain absolutely 100% certain that money can be made in Indian property. However I am also 100% certain that it will not be made by people who do not visit India for themselves.

I was over in Chennai in March , The national newspaper was reporting that estate agents were saying that prices were down 25-30 percent nationally.But there was still a great buzz in Chennai with regards to property.It reminded me of Dublin around 2005. I think the different states have different laws concerning if foreigners can own property or not. A lot of people work who earn reasonable money by their standards work in call centres ringing up Americans trying to sell them credit cards or cable TV packages or whatever. How secure will these jobs be if the American economy goes bad? I wouldn’t touch property over there.