Indians Vs The Menace

The Indian Bar Association served a legal notice to chief scientist at the World Health Organization, Dr Soumya Swaminathan, for “influencing the public against” and “running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin” — a popular anti-parasitic drug prescribed for Covid-19 patients.

“You (Swaminathan) have abused your position as the Chief Scientist at WHO to adversely influence the people including medical doctors and scientists, by trying to impose upon them the fact that WHO does not support the use of Ivermectin either as prophylactic or in treatment of COVID-19,” reads the notice. “It seems that you have deliberately opted for deaths of people to achieve your ulterior goals.”

“The NWO Perpetrators of the
Coronavirus Pandemic Hoax
Have Targeted India with the
COVID-19 Vaccine Bioweapon
to Perpetuate the Appearance
of Global Covid Outbreaks.”