Indo - Affordable home . . . if you have a salary of €67,0 … e_id=15448

More FF wankology bailing out their builder buddies -

The fact that the government can get away with this brazen barefaced shiite just leaves me speechless (almost!), how the fcuk do they get away with it without there being uproar?. The only builders flogging homes en masse are the ones using the government as their Estate Agent!!

The fact that at 67K you still can’t afford something except under a government sponsored scheme is clear indication of what a mess this country is. 67K is well into the higher tax bracket.

This country is so heading for a shock.

Absolutely correct - average industrial income is approx 50% of this figure - so expect a 50% fall in property prices. However, both on the way up and the way down the market tends to overshoot, so more than 50% can in no way be ruled-out, in my opinion.