Indo: Business chiefs believe bailout will lift economy

From The Irish Independent, 29th December 2010



One assumes the slightly lower cost of the bail out versus market rates in order to fill the hole in the exchequer is the main reason some business leaders think it will help, either that, or they were the FF members in the survey.

As for the comments at the end of the piece … :unamused:

Blue Horseshoe

The phrase the blind leading the blind was never more apt…

… and that’s when I stopped reading the article.

‘Thick as pigshit’ not confined to consumers…

Indeed, whatever about us poor saps who believed his drivel, his economic analyses have cost his employers KBC/IIB a lot of money.

Which begs the question; why does he still have his job?

I like the addition at the end of the article by CB RE, saying lettings are ahead of expectation, so not zero i guess!

Thanks for the heads up, I was just about to click on the link… :laughing:

Have they? Austin gets paid the big moola to dole out his sentiment surveys, can’t remember an economic analysis from the man other than his regular punt in the good old days about ECB rates…