Indo: Carlow not happy about RT report.

From The Irish Independent, 15th Jan 2104.


](Carlow residents furious after Russian TV report -

I thought the RT piece was fairly accurate, highlighting the issues that population migration from across the regions to Dublin and also out of the country are causing. Seems others would rather pretend there isn’t a problem and that everything is OK.

Blue Horseshoe

Of all human failings, it’s “preciousness” and defensiveness that I hate the most.

Very odd report.

The comments section of the Indo and the 'pin are in agreement.
Stopped clocks and all that, now if only we could tell which one is the stopped clock…

Perfectly fair report by RT ( thanks for dropping by lads. :slight_smile: )

They could have selected any town in the outer commuter belt of 2006 where the economy has crashed with construction. Portlaoise or Cavan or Thurles or Gorey or Longford would have made for an equally dismal report. :slight_smile:

Makes me wonder how a place like Castledermot is doing. That place was grim even at the height of the boom with half the shops closed.

this little puppy knows just how tough Carlow living can be

abandoned along with rest of her litter at Carlow bus station…

*sniff *sniff. Okay you’ve got the job as RTs new Carlow correspondent. Just put the puppy down.