Indo: Dublin buyers pay 10pc under asking price

45-50pc less than peak, plus 10% extra off. That would be 50-55pc below peak then.

“Quick Brigid, phone the agent and tell them to add another 10% to our asking price…”

I thought the piece was about property prices in Dublin!

Anyway, just release the damn prices.

If they pay 10% less then that means that actual pricing is within 10% of real pricing and that gap IIRC was 20-25% a year ago.

Prices cannot go UP until that gap is in positive territory, it would mean that EAs are acquiring some control of the pricing mechansim again…but only if the 10% story is true and it did not come from some auctioneers conference where they wanted some good news

Ronan L and I discussed the asking-settling gap last year, i will wait for him to show.

Probably also worth bearing in mind that the PTSB / ESRI will show a c10% fall over Nov, Dec, Jan.