Indo: Emigration 'at famine levels'

I’ve create a demographic Xmas tree so that it’s possible to try and get a picture of what is happening with the demographics. I’ll try and develop this a bit in the future, but basically there are a number of waves moving through the demographics (birth booms, historic emmigration waves, immigration, changes in death rate etc…)

But here’s a snapshot of the changes that are currently happening.

Certainly quite a bit of pressure on household formations… (20-40 year-olds)

It’s not houses we need to build, but nursing homes.

Ah woud you look at that OW caught in the cross during campaign bulge. Is it any wonder! :astonished:

What you have posted is what I liken to the conveyor belt. The negative swings or as I say gaps in demographic conveyor belt is the killer blow to the economy and it’s baked in with decisions made by those in the building older demographics, i.e. highly unwise elders.

The second graph is synchronistic to what I was saying here if I am reading things correctly.

Hmmm. I think I see what you’re saying. There appears to be an untapped resource of single 30-39 year old women (in their prime) emerging in Ireland while the men folk seek work abroad.

And coppers is posting a 5.6m profit?

Augmentin sales will be through the roof

Discussed here! Dublin Blokes. You never had it so good!

I have read elsewhere that Canada basically discriminates against people of white European ethnic background in its immigration policy. Don’t know if there’s any truth in it!

So can you see the problem?

Untapped resource of breeders. 8-

Gentlemen there are lady folk viewing and looking for best advice on the financing of their forever ever homes! Please. Some decency.

Who are these experts?

What is their track record?

Is their income directly affected by levels of construction?

Are they the same idiots who nodded in agreement with that fucking piece of shit Aherne said 80k houses a year was “normal”?

I’ve met plenty of people who’ve been described as “experts” who i wouldn’t trust to fetch me a litre of milk from fucking Spar

7,000 homes a year is more than adequate for the net change in population of 10.5k in the year to April 2012. It is also adequate for population growth in 2011 and 2010… in fact, given that many of the 7,000 are one-offs and so will have a higher household size than the standard 2.4 (or whatever it is deemed to be these days), 7,000 is probably still excessive build levels for current population growth.

I have a clue for the ‘experts’. If there was more demand for new housing and credit available to fund its purchase, there would be more new housing being built…


And the last few years…

Yep. Not enough houses!

:laughing: I was more thinking along the lines of ‘not enough teenagers/young adults’ to occupy the rungs on the ladder where their big brothers and sisters are languishing in negative equity.

“Is there anything to be said for building another house? God, I love building houses, Ted.”

On a serious note, the clueless incompetence of those who reckon the way forward is to go back to building houses - which we’ve plenty of - and sure that’ll bring in the families of those who are building the houses so we’ll need to build houses for them, which will bring in the families of those, etc, etc, etc, genuinely makes me really angry.

The country’s simply screwed if that’s all we can come up with. May as well get it out of the way - go bankrupt, start again and stop pissing around like we are doing.

A lot of people in high office in this country fall into this category.

Well, the demographics are suggesting to me that it will be 5-10 years before there is another significant wave of demand for housing. And that’s if that generation stick around.

We’re in a bit of a bind really…

I’ll try and throw up some graphs to show the internal migration form rural to urban areas later.

That might throw up some possibilities. At least for a new wave of commuter exurbs/towns served by fast bus and rail? Realistically, there’s Dublin and there’s Belfast and there’s a bit of Cork (though I think the last census showed near zero population growth in Cork? Or was that Galway?).