Indo: ESRI forecasts house prices will grow by 3%+ from 2009

This was reported a while ago, but the Indo likes to remind us…

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ERSI are pointless people in pointless jobs spouting pointless arse.

Even if the above was true what is the point in even saying it.

Shut 'em down.

Nice headline, but as the ESRI said themselves, it can only have a chance of happening of a lot of international factors kick in first and very, very soon.

Blue Horseshoe

Are they implying that the ESRI did not notice we were in a credit crunch?

Upturn in Europe > Inflationary pressures > Higher ECB rates?

Those bullish nominal price increases would still be below inflation. The ERSI must actually make stuff up - 0.7% increase this year??? When did they think that?

Also they’ve stated a 15-20% drop and effectively say they’ve only dropped c10% so far, leaving them with 5-10% drop yet to happen.

Still though, criticising the ERSI is a bit like a politician accepting the premise of a question, it gives credence; there’s already enough hot-air out there as it is.