Indo: FF senators rebel over plans to axe their jobs

From The Irish Independent, 4th January 2011



Blue Horseshoe

So the seanad delegated one of its members as an official “meaningful role finder” and then blames him for not getting any results?


No sympathy for those useless deluded donkeys,didnt have to dig too far to find this classic from the wigged one… … 12429.html



Jeesh I wouldnt get him annoyed lads or there could be wigs on the green. :angry:

Fixed that for you BH…

I’m sorry but where are they rebelling exactly??? :question:

This is pure craggy island stuff…you really couldnt make this shit up…

Uh, where do I sign up for the free “bloody weekends in the name of Ireland” please? :unamused:

Too late - I think that species is already extinct - I’ve never seen anything like that wig in nature.

Great picture of his dog on by the way. … c23f_o.jpg

Nice one pollydolly :smiley: :smiley:

I almost peed myself laughing at the photo pollydolly

Donie Cassidy, former showband Sax player (of sorts), the Candy Dulfer of Irish Politics :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: .