Indo: First-time buyers to test-drive purchases (DCC)

Those rent to by schemes have proved so successful for the developers that of course this makes sense…
Oh hang on…

Better than the houses sitting idle while DCC (correct me if I’m wrong) pay for the financing and maintenance of them, surely?

Well when they talk about “all options” being considered why don’t they look at dropping the price on them?
They clearly haven’t dropped them enough if they aren’t selling…

Otherwise it is just another attempt at coming up with some scheme that simply hopes there is an upturn down the track.
What we will likely see is that in 3 years time the “renter” will find they can’t get a mortgage for the asking price and realise they have been overpaying there rent for the previous 3 years.

The figures given make little sense to me. They claim to have sold 1300 units last year and have 1100 remaining, why the need for a scheme to shift the remaining ones at all?

Eh, they’re broke?

Sure but if the figures given are accurate they stand a good chance of outright selling every single one this year.


  1. They actually have many more to offload than 1100

  2. They stand to make more money via this scheme than selling them on the same terms as last year.


I made a generic inquiry last year asking if they were willing to negotiate on price for the affordable housing stock. They said no.

I wonder do they have agreements with the developers not to reduce the prices, hence this crazy scheme?

Government making agreements with developers? Surely not Johnny. :wink: