Indo: IMF to Cut Public Service Wages and Jobs

Indo: IMF to Cut Public Service Wages and Jobs … 27268.html

you know, i don’t like the premise of the IMF hit squad coming here and telling us what to do, But, our ruling/governing structure is so rotten and shot to shit that i’m actually excited they are here.

I hope they go through the system like a dose of epsoms.

Obviously we’ll fuck it up again once they have gone, but its a good start.

Ok let’s get things straight here

Guards will not be touched,
They will be needed, they will need to recruit.
We are royally fucked, pack your fucking bags.
Can’t believe it. I don’t know amymore

Hopefully the IMF will get in and slash the serious overpay to politicians and top paid civiil servants but i think it the government have been trying to avoid that.

As our government,civil service and structures have proven totally incompetent i would welcome a root and branch forced review as none of the politicians on either side have the cojones.

We can not support salaries or welfare way above the european average …either we saddle the next generation or reduce it …and more tax can be paid and have decent services.

Reduce tax breaks for pensions and property.

I suggest 30-40% of element form 40,000 to 100,000 reduction and 60% of salary above 100,000 reduction at
least …end to pay off for politicians.
Reduce tax breaks for pensions and property.

reduce any state pension above 20,000 by 25% of first 20,000 and 50% there after.
10% of welfare across the board and 30-50% reduction in professional fees paid to lawyers ,accountants.

These cuts sholuld apply to semi states who should reduce their prices.

lets do it IMF as the other guys ain’t got the cojones.

I would prefer to think of it as another round in the benchmarking exercise

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

the PS aren’t out of bed yet to refute your obvious truths.

Won’t matter guys …100b guys

Work out the INTEREST payments on that , never mind the capital.

End game is in progress.

We are suppose to have approx 450b in debts outstanding.
We now have covered nearly 150b of them.
Only 300 to go.

Oh absolutely Faugh, as someone said here yesterday who gives a toss about something you can never pay back and didn’t sign up for ?

Less than 8%?

Remember this is just the money we need so we can borrow the money we need. It’s like the loan from the credit union people would get to pay the deposit for the mortgage.

Ho ho.

Maybe they’re working, unlike you private sector boys.

Many people will enjoy the kicking the public sector might be about to take. And no doubt that whole system is due a restructuring. But really, it’s a small part of a big problem. It’s the banks, stoopid.

You mean, like, they still have jobs? Wow.

I worry about someone who is excited by the arrival of the IMF. Truly.

The Croke Park Agreement will only unravel if the government want to use the IMF in a good cop/bad cop pincer movement on the Permanent Elephant In The Room. The IMF really only care that the macro numbers tot up.

Up until they caved in to Croke Park, the government played a divide and conquer game by treating the semi-states as commercial entities and so not subject to the pay and pension cuts meted out the the rest of the public sector. It was a brilliant play, the civil service really didn’t put up a fight, it’s just that Lenihan lost the argument with Cowen for further cuts, so you got Croke Park.

ESB workers have enjoyed healthy pay rises over the last two years. The government knew it would be suicidal to go up against the likes of ESB and CIE who could easily bring the country to a standstill. So if they still have the appetite for reform then they’ll use the IMF as a battering ram, since the IMF are known for their fondness for privatisation of state assets.

I’m pleased to see the IMF here, it’s like the stuff you use to unblock a sink.

Ruari Quinn was on Newstalk asking/harassing Pat Carey about productivity targets (from Croke Park Deal), e.g. highlighting the fact that 20% of school leavers are illiterate and saying that the PS should hold on to their pay in return for improving that rate.

It didn’t seem to occur to Ruari that any cohort with such pathetic performance was overpaid in the first place

The public sector will not endure any further pay cuts for as long as they have those good unions to fight their cause.

And before some left loon comes on to strike me down I am completely aware of the mess the govt and banks have made.

If Latvia is anything to go by (and I not saying it is) then Health care and Education will bear the brunt Guards and politicians will get away scot free.

What do you mean by “No endure”?

Strikes or violence on the streets “no endure”?

Fuck, I was writing an email at the same time which probably has suffer in it. Thanks Whizz.


I presume I’m one of the “left loons” you had in mind just because I objected the other day to your glee at the arrival of the IMF because they would smash the public sector unions or some such argument.

As I pointed out at the time and as you acknowledge now there are a multitude of more culpable parties in this mess than the public sector unions. Yet here you are again banging on about them.

I think your one track mind for public sector unions hints at a wounded psyche. I thought the other day you might have failed a civil service exam and have carried this slight with you ever sine, but I think now it might be more serious than that. Perhaps a public servant spoke sharply to you as a child or perhaps some greater level of abuse took place, a clip around the ear from an old-fashioned guard or the late arrival of a bed-pan at your sickbed.

Try and work through it.