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Irish Independent

Interesting though that they now have a disclaimer at the foot.


Don’t worry as you save prices wi8ll fall more

hang in there

Then why not buy in Vladivostok? Once it’s increased by 20% (next year) you can release some equity and put a deposit down on an apartment in Dublin.

You do have to wonder if these are for real?

Can anyone seriously be contemplating stepping on the bottom rung at this time?

What is this obsession with ladders anyway, I assume what the questioner means is (s)he wants to buy a home, this “ladder” metaphor is really beginning to get on my wick, the implication is that you plan to sell your home even before you buy it. Given the current climate, how about we start calling it a property snake*, seems to me a lot of people are more likely to land on those squares right now.

  • For younger readers, I am referring to a “board game” (board not bored) called Snakes & Ladders which was quite popular during my formative years back in the dim and distant 20th century.

you’ll always have idiots of the ‘but a house is always worth something, no matter what happens to prices, rent is dead money blah blah blah’ mantra. There was a thread on AAM recently where a couple of people thought paying 200k (which would mean surrendering their FTB status) was great value.

I hear Ryanair are flying there next year.

‘The Irish Times’ and ‘The Irish Independent’ should just change their names to ‘The Irish buy a house now, you really should buy a house, have you bought a house yet, you should buy another one’ and be done with it.

More likely the actual airstrip will be in Reyneke, a short ferry ride away :smiling_imp: … 65109&z=11