Indo: 'No homes' for middle earners in capital city

Some Indo hack says:

Middle-income earners are being squeezed out of the Dublin property market, as prices continue to soar in the capital, a Sunday Independent analysis reveals.
Homes in middle-class residential areas such as Drumcondra, Cabinteely, Dun Laoghaire and the South Circular Road are exceeding asking prices for the first time since the property crash.

He has conducted “analysis” and an “examination”.

Some estate agent says:

“It’s not because we have got the asking price wrong, it’s because of bonus bidding, where a number of bidders are driving the price up,” she added.

Yes, lazy journalism but reflective of what is on the ground. People are starting to panic too.

‘Bonus bidding’ - that’s a new one

Good piece in the journal by Damian Khybird.

Damien Kiberd: A new property bubble – but not as we know it - Damien Kiberd -> … 5-Feb2014/

Thanks Boyracer, I have no idea how to post a link from an iPad app, and I was way off with the spelling! :slight_smile:

Isn’t that Indo article factually correct and broadly reflective of what’s happening out there?

Describes the symptoms but ignores possible causes such as “foreclosure stuffing”.