Indo: Parlon is the Captain Smith of construction Titanic

*TOM Parlon is the Captain Smith of Irish public life. Smith was the unfortunate soul in command of the Titanic when it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Parlon, after being ejected from the Dail by the voters at the last election, took over at the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) just as the property bubble popped and developers passed the Black and Tans in the league table of Irish villainy. Bad timing doesn’t begin to describe it. * … 45580.html

Lobbyist Parlon gets handsomely rewarded for his “work” and would quite happily see the current generation fleeced for over-priced property and saddled with 40 year mortgages.

No. Captain Smith was a brave man who went down with his ship.

These bozos are more like J Bruce Ismay - the owner of the Titanic who was travelling on it, he built a ship without enough lifeboats and then scarpered to survive when it went under.

He was a bit Captain Ahab in his pursuit of propped up property prices for a while there. Noxious.

Comparing Parlon to Captain Smith is just about the sickest way to dishonour that brave sailor’s memory.
The only thing Parlon could now ever be compared to is a stuck record, going round and round on the radio repeating the same old words, his voice getting shriller and shriller like Pinky and Perky as reality tightens the cord on his bubble bloated cojones.
Parlo-phone or His Master’s Voice?
You decide.

I prefer king shitas


Left out the PDs…

Welcome to Parlon country!

Does anyone know if there’s any section of the construction industry which is in a healthier state than when he took over?

Are there liquidators and debt collection agencies that specialise in construction?

The decline of construction was inevitable, with or without Tom. I don’t believe Tom has done his paymasters any harm, in the same way I don’t think the shill-Economists did their employers any harm. They have their purpose i.e. lying and distorting fact for the benefit of those who line their pockets.

That makes them reprehensible in their own personal way, but they are nowhere near as reprehensible as those charged with protecting the public interest, who swallowed their horseshit and came back for seconds, paying the bill (plus tip) with taxpayer money.

There’s no point hating the shills. The media who fawn over them instead of ridiculing them, and the politicians who collaborate with them and invite them into the public bed are who we should hate.