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Aaaaaarrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!!! :imp:

The article seems to have been taken down:

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The Irish times carries an article on it aswell but it doesn’t have the big claim from the family: … king25.htm

So his private personal papers should form the basis for an objective assessment.

It’s back up on the Indo now;

It’s the overarching haughtiness that gets me, stunning. :open_mouth:

Do ‘private papers’ include any letters from Terry Keane ?

Before clicking into the topic I assumed this was going to be

Indo: Private papers ‘will prove CJH is the father of Celtic Helicopters owning half-wit.’

If these papers prove what a great chap he was, why suppress them until 2022?

350 boxes of brown envelopes filled with bribes.

cjh was a thieving scumbag who stole everything he could from the Irish people.He should have been tried as a traitor and presuming a verdict of guilt hung by his neck with chicken wire .

The neck of his son to launch this event in the middle of a crisis engineered by himself and his fellow FF snakes is astonishing.
There is no doubt he is his fathers son and that corruption and evil are hereditary.

I remember when John Waters described him as the “Great National Bastard” in contrast to Garret the Good.

I remember when he kicked the bucket and there was a hate-session against him in the coffee-room of the place I was working at the time. The worst curses against the freshly-dead old man came when I made some mild points in his favour, in the interests of balance (as I wouldn’t have voted for him).

I will catch some hell now for pointing out that CJH would never have tolerated a housing bubble. He understood economics quite well.

The simple fact is: his leadership period is the best Ireland had, economically, since Seán Lemass. He was an abrasive boorish man, which some people confuse with incompetence, but it’s not.

Can just imagine the abuse you’re going to get :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty, I see our economic growth as occuring ***in spite of ***and ***not because of ***Haughey.

Look at his history.
He is a man who cheated on his wife, his family, one of his best friends (Lenihan) and, by taking vast bribes, his country.

If you think for one second he put his country before his own interests, you are blind to what history tells us about the man. You are ignoring the overwhelming evidence.

He was a criminal of the highest order.

What was it, a one night stand? Can we dig him up and do a DNA test?

Riiiight, so the primary architect of Taca and the 1960s High Land Price Policy is the same man who would have saved us from a housing bubble?

Saw piece on the news about this last night.

So, let me get this straight, these are a set of Haughey’s private papers, collected by his family, released to DCU to go in an archive named after Haughey?

I’m breathless with anticipation. I’d love it if the family had blacked out sections themselves!

Rock3r, always the contrarian :laughing:

Great! Maybe we could use them to refloat the economy? :slight_smile:

As if social partnership was responsible for the boom. The boom was created by attracting massive amounts of capital, first from MNCs and later from European banks through Euro membership. Social partnership was a means of silencing trade unions and other groups using some of the proceeds of the boom.

You obviously missed the 1977-1987 bit when he and his posse of scumbags ran the economy into the ground in the first place and then did everything in their power to prevent recovery. He only saw the light in 1987 when it was the only way to avoid the complete collapse of the economy and the resulting loss of power.

He was a sociopath, a petty criminal, a bully and a thug who had the exact measure of his supporters, for whom he had utter contempt. He had contempt for everyone who did not see though his lies and mendaciousness, and for those who were taken in by his superficial ‘charm’.

Like all FF leaders since its inception he only took the right decisions when all other alternatives were exhausted. Otherwise it was retail politics as usual.

Apart from that he was fine. He was just your typical populist party leader, but without the mustache and the sombrero…

Viva CJH…Viva partido FF…Viva el republica…pasar el tequila, por favor…

That is completely correct! This is an anecdote I’ve heard some years ago, can’t remember the source sorry. Some starstruck FF election candidates in a part of rural Ireland asked if they could get a lift in his car to the next town he was visiting. He rolled up the window and instructed the driver to keep going. His contempt for his supporters is about the only thing I admired about him

His supporters were almost like cult members, brainwashed to do almost anything to keep him in power. Jim Gibbons was beaten up by supporters after a heave against CJH. I think Garret FitzGerald summed him up best after he passed away. he reckoned nobody had more ability for the office of Taoiseach, but that he didn’t know what to do with it. Even iF CJH’s economic leadership between '87 - '92 was sound it has to be remembered that Haughey had almost cleaned out exchequer funds for 1981 before the election in June '81. Senior civil servants told the newly elected FG/Lab govt that they would have no money to pay public servants in a 3-4 weeks. Those actions destroy any credibility the guy may have had a sound leader, political or otherwise.

Er he wasn’t the boss in 77, and he spent most of his FF leadership period up to 1987 in opposition.

Again, it wasn’t FF’s 1977 decision to borrow that hosed us, it was our over-valuation of the punt. If it had been 20% cheaper, we’d have performed much better economically.

We would have had the competitiveness to attract investment, which would have led to higher tax revenue and a better ability to pay back the debt. My understanding was that CJH was open to devaluation, but powerful vested interests in the country successfully resisted.

This was finally enacted in a half-assed way in 1986 by Fitzgerald.

He was a criminal
and his ill gotten gains should be appropriated from his family by cab

Ha ha, fools seldom differ…

Rock3r said:

For the record he was a complete an utter scumbag without a shred of moral decency, you’re praise is misplaced Rock3r.