Indo: Property tycoon's TV show says now is the time to buy

Hmmm, made his money in the last decade? In a period when global credit was easy and global house prices only rose? I would hazard a guess that he knows nothing about what to do in a crash.

Now Gary, don’t try bringing that Norn-Iron work ethic down here. We’re different. We like to sit on our arses and flip the damn things. All this added value sounds like work. And in a falling market?

There’s got to be an easier way of making a living.


Can anyone point out in that article where he says “now is the time to buy” (the title of the piece)

My reading of it is that he says that in 12 months time it will be a good time to buy (ie mid 2009)

Have the Sindo just given it the old “never been a better time to buy” without actually bothering to read what he said to them?

I’m not a linguistic genius, but even so I think what he’s saying is that this time next year will be a really good time to buy.

Last week’s Indo had a headline about the economy recoverng in 2009.
In the article you learn the recovery will start in 2010.

If it wasn’t for complimentary copies in various places where I eat, I’d never get to read these gems.


Note to self - ‘Next time you come across someone reading the the Sindo, dont be so quick to judge - it may be a Pinster pre-arming himself in advance of the next verbal barrage’