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This is only the start of the recovery. The demise of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party is greatly exaggerated in my opinion. Martin is only in the job a week, but already he looks more electable than some of the other opposition leaders. The bounce from his leadership will almost certainly carry forward to the election. A seat count in the upper 40’s can’t be ruled out.

FF is going to be like The Conservatives in the UK.
Out of power for a number of years and then back in … with a reduced level of support.

A rag bag of a newspaper who’s political editor is married to a newly promoted FF **** :imp: writes a nice story about the party you think they will get 40 odd seats…lets hope you are wrong.

Bust newspaper group pulling for party with history of bailout out bust cronies shocker…

Bollocks. Why does he persist with such transparent lies? His bounce seems to be getting less bouncyer by the day, as I predicted. The line from the other parties hammering home the fact that he was at Cabinet throughout all the disasters of the past is starting to get through to people.

Quick look at the stories on the top of the indo home page right now:
* Blueshirts drop ball as they fail to boot rivals’ plans into touch
* Fine Gael must raise its game
* Fine Gael still in poll position
* FG’s grand plan
* ‘Big’ Phil lets the side down with press conference gaffe
* Noonan long on aspiration but short on explanation
Four out of six negative on FG.

Married to which Indo journalist?

make complaints!

There are nine newcomers - made up of one senator, five backbenchers,
two councillors, and Miss Power who has no elected position. She is an
advisor to Miss Hanafin and the wife of the Irish Independent’s
Political Editor Fionnan Sheahan.

The gas thing is that if you work in the Civil Service / Public Sector there are all manner of SIPO declarations you must make…

The glory of private industry that this is not so… :laughing:

A large part of that article is perfectly accurate:

Martin did have a good day yesterday
Everything he said in public was about slagging off FG/Lab
He was warmly received by people in Galway
Polls say his job satisfaction is highest of any leader
He refused to answer any policy questions

When are people going to accept, for good, that our countrymen and countrywomen are a bunch of morons? No rhetoric there. These people voted in FF 3 times, they then destroyed the country, and MM is now welcomed like one of the lads by the ordinary folk of Galway. People are buying his daily negative attacks on the Rainbow. That’s not the Indo’s fault. Strikes me as a perfectly accurate article that reflects attitudes to MM. The ordinary folk of our country - our parents, our friends, our brothers and sisters, our colleagues - are ignorant savages. I’m not interested in listening to excuses for them or sob stories from them anymore.

Just because it’s a rag, doesn’t mean that it isn’t read, or isn’t influential. It’s not just the Indo either - I think the mainstream media in general have done a hatchet job on Kenny, while Martin is getting put on a pedestal. It’s all so subtle though; praise for Martin, little digs at Kenny. It won’t be enough to stop Kenny getting elected, but it’ll be enough for FF to survive and make a push for power once the FG/LAB coalition collapses in 3 years times.

Superb as usual WGU :laughing:

The fact that people can hold this attitude is to me evidence of why this country is so screwed. You’re not elite or any better than those whom you disagree with. As long as people divide the world in to them and us, you will wind up with a corrupt society such as we have no. Doesn’t matter whether the dividing line is economic or intellectual.

Notwithstanding that, Anthony’s political friendships are largely FF. Loves FF but hated Cowan supposedly as he wouldn’t drop a bail out to keep Waterford Wedgewood on the go. Funny how that was mirrored in the editorial policy.

I fucking hate Tony and for one simple reason being his crowing years ago about his political connections here being able to ensure Atlantic resources would get whatever block it wanted.


So, holding strong and sincerely held beliefs - and expressing them - is what got this country into this mess?

I put it to you that the precise opposite is in fact the case: two-faced, dishonest and self-serving politicians, bankers and developers, and credulous, unquestioning and selfish individual citizens are what caused our catastrophe.

Turning it back around on me when I express disgust that the latter are still willing to empower the former is both unfair and intellectually dishonest.

I will grant you one thing though: I agree that division and cynicism are bad for our country. But I won’t allow you use that as a stick to beat me with. No citizen should think any different and I certainly don’t.

Ed: Can I also say, it is easy to hold your position and express it. It is difficult to hold mine and express it. Yours sounds positive and pleasant. Mine sounds hateful and negative. I don’t believe that is true though underneath it all.

I respect you as a poster and hope you don’t take this as a personal criticism. I just think you are dead wrong.

No, anti-democratic structures, justified for the last 40 years by the type of anachronistic racist drivel you’re spouting, are what got this country into this mess.

Ignorant savages? Where do you live, the 19th century? In a Rudyard Kipling novel perhaps?

Wrong, plain old greed and corruption are what done it, (along with compliant gobshites voting FF)