Indo pumping articles keep blowing

Well, God loves a trier :unamused:

Ab-so-lutely disgustingly irresponsible journalism.

“…queues of eager buyers outside their doors on Saturday mornings.
…Telephones in neighbourhood estate agents are ringing…leaving some offices with no choice but to hire new staff.
…but a mini-property boom seems to be cooking”

Really Gemma? So we should all get out there quick before we miss our chance…again.
What in your opinion qualifies the description of what you’re seeing as a mini-boom?
How many EA offices in Ireland have recently taken on MORE staff to handle the influx of calls?

Gemma O’Doherty, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Pure property porn…
“In the lingering rays, plump cats bask territorially…well-kept cars pull into driveways…the familiar smells of home-cooked dinners waft through the tree-lined streets…mini-property boom seems to be cooking.”

…in a time where so many living hours away from work/living in tiny inappropriate spaces are currently suffering from being sold a pup must want to grab the likes of Emma and just shake her.

Go on Gemma… dance for your string pullers…

We seem to manage having a plump cat and home-cooked dinners in rental accommodation. I must alert Gemma to this miraculous occurence.


That is sick. It’s like Germans pining for a return of national socialism three years after the end of the war.

Ireland was an awful place to live during the “boom” and it has destroyed our country.

Relax, it’s from the Property section, not the paper itself.

It was in Saturday’s edition, though probably the magazine. I heard it mentioned on a radio ad last Friday.

What is frustrating is that the Independent articles either campaign for debt write-offs or try to pimp property.

There may indeed be puppet masters at work…but **Gemma O’Doherty **and her peers need to see past the temporary warm glow of getting their names in lights…well, italicised at the top of a page :slight_smile:, and understand the snake oil selling part that they are playing right now.

It’s a v short time since that series of Aftershock programs tried to summarize for the masses our current situation and attempt to help Paddy and Biddy smell the goddamn coffee, but still Gemma O’Doherty tries to warn us about ‘queues of eager buyers outside their doors on Saturday mornings’. Thanks for that Gemma - my Ma and others really don’t need more fuel for the worrying over their kids missing out.

Come on Gemma, stop filling up your 1500 words or so with dreamy sh!te.
Pull your socks up/must do better/stop plagiarizing - judging by that piece, I’m sure you’ve heard such feedback in the past.

Perhaps Charlie should do a Gemma “quotes from the bubble” special…


I always find the use of the word ‘enclave’ a bit unsettling. It’s so Balkan.

I imagine the use of it is deliberate to attract those who wish to set themselves apart from others. It could even be a way to appeal to those who are intellectually segregated from reality.

…I’ll only be in negative equity, what could possible go wrong with that. :smiley:

Anyone hear Felicity Fox on newstalk at lunchtime?

Don’t you know that some houses are selling for more than the asking price, prices have levelled and all’s wonderful?


Declan Kiberd had no interest in quizzing her about the veracity of her anecdotal evidence or in looking for proofs but the text lines were certainly busy with comments from people disagreeing and questioning her motives.

Are you saying that estate agents have a vested interest in talking up property? I’m SHOCKED.



I’m saying that nothing’s changed really. Same song, just slightly out of tune… and Kiberd conducting away like mad. Was wondering how many of the texters were pin readers.

Couldn’t agree more with the salesman from Lisneys, nothing helps mortgage payers put down roots better than a large dose of negative equity - the greater the NE, the more rooted you are - whether you like it or not. :open_mouth:

Yes it’s the enclave of Mount Merrion, surrounded by those well known slums of Blackrock, Goatstown, Stillorgan and Booterstown.

Should that not be Damien Kibred? Damo’s the journo, while Deccie, the brudder, is a Prof at UCD :smiley:

If it was Declan Kiberd and if his performance was as you described, then it’s pretty nauseating as in his column in yesterday’s Sunday Times he argued for debt forgiveness due to the pumping of the property market by politicians, estate agents and the media during the bubble era.

:sick: … 432210.ece

Funnily enough, even though - to give him more credit than most - Declan sees the problem with property back in 2005, he didn’t foresee how much impact it would actually have. There’s also a whiff of wrapping-himself-in-the-flag about his defence, standing up to dose dirty furriners.


The paper really should be called the Irish Dependent. There ain’t alot of independence in their reporting :unamused: