Indo pumping articles keep blowing

Achh no Homemaker. Didn’t ye hear Gemma?
EAs are flyin! Sure, they’re even hiring more people to handle the demand…

I did read that bit right, didn’t I? :open_mouth:

From the british Journalism review thread below…

Daniel Schecter writes;

One of the key sources of revenue for newspapers is real-estate advertising in weekend supplements and classified sections. The newspaper industry became, in some communities, the marketing arm of the real-estate industry. In some cities you actually had newspapers getting a piece of the action of sales through the ads they generated – they were actually part of the corruption.

So here we go again it seems…fingers in your ears and start humming loudly.

However even pathological newspaper hype and EA lies, can’t get blood out of a stone.

With siezed up bank lending, a tits up economy, mass unemployment, fear of redundancy, those in NE, and those just heading for the airport, it is unlikely there will be any significant turnaround in the overall vloume of property transactions in Ireland any year soon.

Ireland is economically fucked for the forseeable future.

There will always be a handful of very rich people who can afford to buy super select, des. res. properties in cash, but they are hardly a key indicator.

But yes the fawning and simpering nature of that kind of Sinso property propaganda and Radio chat shows (I won’t flatter it with the word journalism), is enough to make you puke, after what has been done to the country.

Fuck them all.

Damien indeed. :blush:

Thanks for pointing that out…