Indo The long wait: should first-time buyers stay put a litt

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From the article:

Not sure what all the “may’s” and “might’s” are doing in there: even if rents stopped falling right now all that would do is reveal that sales prices are still 30%-40% too high. The above quote seems to hint at that without just coming out and saying it. If the article is going to suggest that the prices investors might pay are determined by the rents they can achieve, why not go the whole hog and compare yields to prices, which would readily reveal how far things still have to fall?

It’s a poor piece. So rents are affordable, prices are falling…it’s time to buy? I would have expected “With stabilising rents, low interest rates (don’t get me started) and property more affordable nationwide…”

Also, the caption to the picture makes no sense: “The conundrum facing many potential first-time buyers is whether to continue renting or start saving with a view to actually buying”.

What? They sure don’t make conundrums like they used to.

I also like how “First Time Buyer” now actually means anyone who has never bought a house.

These are not mutually exclusive. … night.html

Well, you don’t lose your FTB status until you buy a house, so from a Revenue POV that’s correct. Know what you mean though.