Indo: The Poles are heading home

Taken from The Irish Independent, 21st April 2008 … 53869.html

Blue Horseshoe

Don’t worry, everyone will continue to rent instead of buy, so the rental market will stay strong. :laughing:

Wow thats really something.

Membership of the EU guaranteed the perfect Boom

  1. Cheap credit
  2. Cheap Populaiton boost

A country as small as Ireland, an extra 280,000 people (and I’m sure it more counting other blocks) is really unheralded in living memory.

Of course many will remember this is what Mary Harney so openly wished for this scenario however she doesn’t seem to have had a Plan B for when they all left again.

Well, you know what that means Pinsters.

If Colemanballs is going to get his 8 million (or whatever it is) you better get out there and do your stuff. No fewer than 5 sprogs each.

If only they could take a gaff back with them to poland each.
280,000 gaffs should just about sort out the supply/demand deficit we have here.

And hurry up about it!

Ideally if you could have them oh, about 25-30 years ago, that would be grand - coz then they could start nesting and buying up all those empty shoeboxes.

Are you supplying the brood mares for us Stallions? :slight_smile:

close the borders quick
we cannot afford to let the lovely Polska ladies leave

Not all of them apparently. Got this through my door recently.

I do like good guolity workmanship.

Of all words to get wrong :unamused: I have seen similar notes in the past year and what I find most interesting is that they highlight the word “Polish”. Normally in most countries you’d think that foreign workers would be interested in playing down that they’re not local, but here it seems that Polish has entered our dictionary as hard working and better value than their Irish equivalents.

Mine too, we have that much in common…

I wonder if the Irish population is still increasing? … 2,null,209

Polish ambassador talking about Poles doing a legger

we’d need a Ceausescu or a Franco to get the birth levels to 5 sprogs each.

You should wind your smart-arse neck in a little bit. I didn’t have to look too far into your posts to see that your own English is no great shakes.

‘Weather’ you know it or not.

And you’ve probably had more than four years at it.

Yawn, thats not what I meant.
Kindly get a life.

Yawn, thats not what I meant.
Kindly get a life.

Oh. What did you mean ?

You went to the trouble of scanning that and putting it up, and you’re telling me to get a life ? :laughing:

Really to tell us that maybe not quite all of them are leaving ?

You thought it was funny, and you made a shitty little cheap shot. That you can’t afford to make.

That is all.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Back on topic please. <<<<<<<<<<<<

Ok to get it back on topic -

I think it likely that if we see sustained growth in the Polish economy over say, two more years, that 80% of them will be gone.

The men are not even depending on that, because many of them have enough English by now to get by in eg the UK construction game, and many have contacts there already.

The ones that are left here will be mostly girls (good news for some pinsters I know :wink: ) who have progressed in eg retail, to low or middle management, and for whom life will still be better here than at home - both in terms of salary, and perhaps some social factors too.

Some of them, not many, because of relationships formed with non-Poles.

For the vast majority, there is absolutely no compelling reason to stay. Most don’t like it very much here anyway.

From Rossa White at Davys