Indo - Why it's my time to buy

Or she could have bought a 2-bed in Rathmines for €195k. … BJDC349530 :nin

That piece really is hardcore property porn.Top notch stuff! :unamused:

I know it’s not Irish, but do you think any of the people featured here settled down in their new pads to watch Property Ladder on Tuesday? XX

probably busy down at harvey norman buying the dining and living sets on interest free tick

Have to agree.

The comment

by the lady in question seems to display a lack of understanding of scale of the current economic situation facing the country.

Please indicate someone in secure employment.

To me, the term implies that the employee faces little or no risk of job loss AND little or no risk of reduction of income. Which positions in Ireland currently provide both? Retail buyer, I suspect, isn’t one.

That said, personal circumstance may dictate that is it the right time for an individual to make such a large purchase, even if it is ill timed from a market perspective.

Personally, I wish her all the best in her new apartment and only with the hindsight of the next couple of decades of mortgage payments will she know if she made the right decision.

Blue Horseshoe

Exactly. I’ve worked in my job for 31 years, Thank God. However, I’ve always been paranoid about job security, and, even when I thought we were heavily in debt, it was minuscule compared to what was going on around us. However, I think it has stood us in good stead.

I would STILL be paranoid about job security, and, having sold our home last November, we are trying to buy as near the amount of cash we have left. Minimum debt - maximum value.

As BH says - NO job is secure - not even mine (and no, it’s not PS and was on the verge of bankruptcy several years ago, but is now trading profitably, TG).

That article is BS of the worst kind, and wouldn’t you think, after what people have endured in the property market in recent years, that an editor, somewhere, would have the balls to say “no - this is not morally right. We’re not printing it”.

Yes, many have sad it was people’s own choice to borrow the money, but if money hadn’t been so easy then they couldn’t have borrowed it in the first instance.

I suppose that point goes to the essence of journalism and what morality governs the profession. Which is why I wouldn’t be a bit sorry to see a lot of these rags go to the wall.

Without even considering the persons actual job, the next budget is very likely to effect people by:

  • rejig of income tax, which will undoubtedly include increases.
  • property tax.
  • parking tax about to come into play, no doubt a candidate to rise in the next few budgets

Other factors

  • oil on the rise again
  • interest rates at a historic low, can’t really go significantly lower

I find it impossible to have confidence to make any sort of significant purchase at the moment.

Good luck to them and I hope they are not regretting it sooner or later.

I have found Mr Darragh Hickey on Facebook

His profile is public, he appeared in a nationeal newspaper article and he is the first Darragh Hickey on a Facebook search so I am of the opinion that is ok to put a link to his profile here. Anybody fancy inviting him over here to get his perspective on things. I am a feared, he looks like a well built fella.

don’t get the indo…any letters today reflecting the outrage on this forum?

Who actually talks like that? The quote is clearly completely made up.

That’s a good point and I’d be strongly inclined to agree that it’s not. It’s worth sending a letter, copied to the press complaints commission (or whatever), complaining that it isn’t a direct quote…see what response you get.