Inflation watch

Still no ability to craft monetary policy, set interest rates etc

Am I right in saying that April 2007 was about 12 months out from the last Great Recession ?

Yes. Although it was in train well before.
Thanks Bert, you cunt.

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Sovereigns that have gorged themselves so much on near zero coupon bond issues that they are unable to increase their own interest rates.

IRISH CONSUMER PRICES were 5.3% higher in November than a year ago — the largest annual change in prices since 2001, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Prices increased by 0.6% within the month of November, marking the 13th consecutive month of inflation.

Central Bank of Ireland:
…- - - … send more migrants! …- - - … Stop

Should that be … – – (smm, send more migrants)

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It is the second time An Post has raised postage stamp prices in less than a year.

Stamp inflation make you feel like you’re aging rapidly.

The global postage system is messed up. Good luck sending a product to China as cheaply as they can send one to you.

Anpost have been killing businesses with all these hikes.

Anpost logic: We have to increase stamp prices, because people are buying less stamps.

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The best thing about being a state monopoly is not having to bother trying to understand stuff like this…

Consumer Price Index, May 2022

% monthly change +0.9%

% annual change +7.8%

Prices on average, as measured by the CPI, were 7.8% higher in May compared with May 2021.

The most notable changes in the year were increases in Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas & Other Fuels (+20.9%), Transport (+16.5%), Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (+7.5%) and Restaurants & Hotels (+5.9%). There were decreases in Miscellaneous Goods & Services (-1.8%) and Education (-0.8%).

Consumer Prices in May, as measured by the CPI, increased by 0.9% in the month. During May of last year, prices rose by 0.1% in the month. The most significant monthly price changes were increases in Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas & Other Fuels (+3.7%) and Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (+2.0%). There were decreases in Transport (-1.7%) and Miscellaneous Goods & Services (-0.1%).

Private Rents (table 7)

% monthly change +1.6%

% annual change +11.2%

Local Authority Rents (table 7)

% monthly change +0.0%

% annual change +3.2%

Indeed the latest postal prices an eye watering. I’m not sure how business are expected to operate or how commercial logistics companies are managing to stay competitive for their own customers.

Trump brought big attention to how the World Postal Union was being used to destroy the US economy to China advantage, iirc he took the US out of that Union no and also that union was the basis of the UN.

Questions would have to be asked about the deal An Post have with Amazon.

Like what journalists use to do. I would imagine it puts every other operator at a competitive disadvantage and the tax payer subsidises Amazon expansion.

(The last month isn’t shown on the chart but it is -2.2% for August according to the link)

Is Ireland’s production vastly less dependent on energy prices than Germany’s or what are the factors that explain this big disparity?