Info on Larkfield/Priory road area of Harold's Cross?


Does anybody have local knowledge of this area that they’d be willing to share?

I’m considering the area - I’ve a family with some small kids and it looks near enough to town with no social problems that I know of.

Are there any downsides that I’m missing? Apart from the fact that many of the houses are pretty small.


I grew up near there and went to the local school. I would say its a nice area. The school on Clareville road is considered a good school though it is in a DEIS classification if that worries you. Certainly, the procession of 4x4s picking up kids from there would give the lie to this. It was an excellent school when I was there anyway. There’s also a Gaelscoil next door now.

The area is nice enough but as you say the houses are small. I would say they are very small since many have three or four bedrooms but a total area of 900 sq ft. I would look for one that has been extended if possible but one sold recently on Larkfield Road for €387,000 so there are no bargains there. The D6W postcode is jealously guarded by the locals as well so you’ll pay for that. Further up on Clareville the house get slightly bigger though many have been extended and so have there prices. I think I am right in saying that one of them fetched 700K recently. These are obviously the better part of the area though, less traffic, bigger rooms etc. I would say my favourite roads are Shanid Road for the bigger houses and Priory Road for the smaller type. We looked there recently and found that there just wasn’t enough value for us.

Overall, a good area to raise children. Just don’t buy too near the school or the traffic/ parking issues will drive you crazy.


Am I the only one to be struck by the irony of this (no doubt honestly given) recommendation?


I currently live in the area. No problems in my 10 years around.
PM me if you have anything specific you want to know


Ha, yes. The problem is though that there is nowhere to park along Clareville Road and the houses opposite the school don’t have drive-ins so its chaos in the immediate vicinity of the school at 9 and 2.30


Thanks for the replies everybody. It’s very helpful.