information on closing prices of comparable properties?

where can i get information on the closing prices of comparable properties (or just closing prices in general) ?


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i.e. Part of our problem is that this info is not freely available in this wonderfull country of ours!

The information is available I think its in possession of The Revenue. But as this data is deemed deleterious to the maintenance of public order and the seamless governance of this isle, its kept secret.

In other words if anybody found this out they may learn that we are not always told the truth (for our own good mind you)! :unamused:


on american websites they go on about how comparable market analysis (where you can gauge the real value of your property) is really important.

don’t really understand why it’s not available in ireland.

captainfantastic said

The reason its not available in Ireland is because vested interests dont want you to be able to form a valid opinion about your property that they cannot influence and access to information may cause this to happen.

Er, because then you would be able to gauge the real value of your property!



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Can you not request this under freedom of information act?


You probably can request it, but would they give it to you?

Doesn’t look like it is covered.

Just an unfortunate oversight, I’m sure :unamused:

In any other country there’s be mass protests in the street over all this carry-on. The Irish just shrug about being lied to and ripped off by their mafia government.

Battered Wife Syndrome, IMNSHO.

There may be another way of gathering that information because it states that although not everything is covered by the FOI act that you may get info not covered by the act as below.

Release of Information outside of the FOI Act
Notice No 05


1.1 The Freedom of Information Act specifically acknowledges that FOI is not the only means of accessing information and that nothing in the Act is intended to interfere with alternative administrative arrangements for access:

6(8) "Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting or restricting

a public body from publishing or giving access to a record (including an exempt record) otherwise than under this Act where such publication or giving of access is not prohibited by law".

1.2 Following from this, the FOI Central Policy Unit supports an active approach by public bodies to the disclosure of information outside of the FOI Act. In particular, public bodies should be proactive in the release of non-contentious information.

It may be worth a try to ask and if they say no we can clammer and scream about it just to embarrass them.

I is certainly worth a try but I would say they will not give it due to data protection act. Of course they could remove all names and house numbers. Just give dates amount and roads. This would be gold dust…

Just got off the phone to a lovely lady at the Land Registry. She can offer individual files on individual properties for 6 Euros by post and 2 Euros via the net. This will give sale price, type of mortgage names and address etc.
I asked for lists of Date Price and Street. She said she had the info but it was not in that format and she agreed that the 2 Euros a record would be outragously expensive so after a little pushing she has agreed to take an e-mail from me detailing what I want and she will run it past her IT guys to see what they can do. I’ll keep you posted.

Good work BB :smiley:

Keep her sweet now !! :wink:

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How many did you ask for? All the properties they have or something?