Informed of Bid by Txt

Hi all,

I haven’t bid on a place but have expressed an interest in a particular property. I got a txt from the estate agent stating:

“You recently viewed x. We have received an offer of €x on the property, can you let me know if you have any further interest. Regards x”

Is this common nowadays?

Seems very efficient.

Ìn my recent experience it’s still quite rare, but I like it, means you don’t have to listen to the usual “very strong interest, this one is a long way from reaching it’s max, such a great opportunity…” BS that goes with an inquiry/offer.

It’s more immediate and efficient to send a group text, and far better than trekking halfway across the city to be told that the bidding has gone up by 20k and “oh, did I forget to phone you with that update?” XX

Yeah it happens.
One particular agent loves sending essays by text. At least yours keeps it short & sweet.

is it an auto generated text? (or is it from a regular 08X number?)

It was from an 087 number.

The agent was a nice guy from one of the larger companies. He was quite honest, I asked him some straight up questions such as:

  1. Is there a rush of FTB’s trying to use up their AIP’s? He basically said “yes”.
  2. Do you think the CB rules will have an effect on the market post June. He said " It is already happening and things have definitely levelled off".
  3. I told him that myhome had topped 5000 in Dublin. He said that there is a lot more stock coming on, things are taking much longer to sell, people are far more cautious than last year.

It was quite a frank chat, I was the only one looking at the property at the time and we talked for maybe 10 minutes. He eluded to things will be better for buyers once the AIP’s run out and things will settle down in the Summer.

I understand that this is slightly off topic, but I just want to share the anecdote.

Thanks to all who replied about the offers through txting! I thing it is a good thing. Then again it could be an easy way to generate some interest and offers to get things moving.

There are a couple of agents out there who are super professional and don’t bullshit people. I suspect they get a lot of business from word of mouth. I’ve been dealing with one of the guys from the big agencies since he sells houses in the area I’m looking in and I would definitely use him if I was selling.

I got a text informing as to what was happening.

Text was on a Monday after a Saturday viewing.

Good idea,efficient and displays an engaged e/a trying to get a property sold- the amt of useless wank bags i have dealt with who couldn’t even manage to return a poxy call is frankly unfuvkingbelievable.
They must have their wives supporting them.

Recently bought a house, conducted a lot of it via text. Final bid wasn’t but some of the more initial ones were via text.

Seems very desperate.

I presume you mean ‘they must have no secretarial/admin staff just their wives’ rather than the wives are contributing in some way to the poor state of affairs by virtue of being female.

One case of the old ‘fat finger’ syndrome and you might find yourself upping your bid by more than you intended! :slight_smile:

I read that to mean that they (the male EAs he has dealt with) are so incompetent they do not earn a good living

I read it to mean that their wives must have good jobs that pay the bills, since the EAs sure aren’t making money.

We’ve had text updates from an agent. In one case last summer it was a five-way bidding war and the agent was on her day off so was sending (presumably) group texts saying ‘[Address] now at 400k. Do you want to bid again?’…‘Now at 402k. Do you want to bid again?’

There must have been 20-25 bids before it settled 20% above asking - all done in half a week. Wouldn’t have been feasible to do it all by phone. And the agent knew she’d sell the house for more than the asking price so took the swiftest route to closing the deal. I was glad to have it over with one way or another - fewer sleepless nights of wondering and pointless strategising.

Bid on something in Feb this year with the same agent and she sent updates by text but would follow up with a phone call and a bit of cajoling. Not as much of a frenzy that time. (We didn’t ‘win’ either bidding war, by the way)

In another month or so the agent will start arriving on your doorstep to make your breakfast and ask if you’d like to consider a bid.

:slight_smile: Haha poor ol’ Gil.

I might add that while we received updates on the latest bids by text, we had to make any new bids by email to the agency’s office@ address.

That way they had a central log of all bids on the company’s system (rather than one agent’s mobile) and the office was up to date on the latest bids without depending on the agent for updates. The agent seemed to have access to this email address (or the info it contained). Pretty decent system.

I’ve never availed of it but they claim that if you want to review the bids after a bidding war - the amounts and when they came in, rather than who made them - they open their bidding log book. Could be a bluff and I suppose they could fake it if they wanted to but makes me feel like they are on the level.

Mind you, one of their agent’s pitched a gaff to me last year by saying it was ‘the D4 of north Kildare’ :unamused: and has pulled the odd heart string when trying to squeeze a few extra quid out of us (wouldn’t it be great to have this sorted before school starts etc). Agents be agents.