Infrastructure Quality


Found a reference to this in article with regard to the Italian bridge disaster - … #2016-2017 I wondered how Ireland’s road infrastructure fared in comparison. We’re above Italy - which is nice - but we’re just above them with a score of 4.64 compared to Italy’s 4.52. In 2013 we had a score of 5.27 and Italy had a score of 4.26. In a period when we’ve apparently been some kind of economic powerhouse and Italy has been an economic and political disaster zone they have improved their roads and ours have got significantly worse. I find this interesting as round about 2013 I was kind of boasting to an English friend about the quality of our road infrastructure before he set off on his trip round Ireland. When he came back he said something to the effect that they weren’t built to last and that you’d see the same thing across Eastern Europe - cheaply built, lot of shortcuts. You could take that with a pinch of salt but for the fact that the guy is a road engineer. We’re probably lucky that a large chunk of our rural motorway infrastructure doesn’t get the kind of pounding that continental roads get.

The other graphs in that collection are interesting - in general we lie in the mid table for most things. For anybody that lives in urban Ireland this one won’t be a shock - … gestion_en


Click on Ireland, the roads are above average, it’s the ports and airports that are below par. No?

Oops, never,mind, I’ve got the title for the wrong graph, sorry.