Ingleside, Sandycove (-610k, -42%)

Was 1.45mln

Now 1.375mln

647 per sq foot :angry:

First of many cuts along the road to reality

Please post a link for each price claimed, e.g. for 1.45m … 18024.html

Now 1.25mln

588 per sq ft :angry:

Now €1.075m

A bargain at €504 per sq ft :angry:

Now down to 895k … lin/415116

The road to reality is a long one…

Still looks over priced to me

This vendor has never, ever been realistic about the price. When I saw this pop up afresh in the Dublin South price drops thread my first thought was “whatever the news is, it WON’T be someone reporting that it’s gone sale agreed”.

Can you actually feel embarrassed for a vendor? The wierd picture of the front has never helped it.

What do ye think is a realistic price for this place?

I have viewed this house. It has advantages (fantastic location, very good quality of finish including stunning kitchen and great windows, reasonably sized rooms, plenty of private parking…) and disadvantages (orientation, substantial drop down to rear garden, high raised decking unsuitable for kids, loft room difficult to climb into…). While I didn’t like it myself, I think it compares reasonably well to most of what I’m aware of on the market in coastal SCD at the moment.

The market obviously does not accord this house the same premium for its location and standard of finish as the vendor does; if it did, the market would have spoken by now. It seems that there for quite some time there has been little or no appetite for homes in the €1m price region in the Sanycove/Glasthule area, as there have been quite a few I can think of that did not sell.

Nonetheless I would still allow that the above advantages should somewhat outweigh the disadvantages - the problem is that the home has thus far been seriously overpriced. I could see someone going up to €350 per square foot for this if the vendor is *very *lucky - that would be €745k. I think that €300 per square foot would be quite a good price to get it at in the current season (given the difficulty of finding a nice coastal home in SCD) - that would be €640k.

Thanks, sounds about right.

I agree and if that’s the case then these three nearby, being older houses requiring varying degrees of upgrading but none of which provide parking and generously priced between €300-350 per square foot (ignoring any other factors) would be: … in/1578933
€570-665k (1,900 sq ft asking €785k), discount required (27%-15%) … in/1256281
€410-480k (1,364 sq ft asking €725k), discount required (43%-34%) … lin/219383
€440-510k (1,460 sq ft asking €595k, discount required (26%-14%)

In a country where over 17,000 public servants (most of which are probably based in Dublin) are earning pre-pension salaries of €100,000+ I don’t see these houses selling for their realistic prices anytime soon.

Bumping this because there’s some weird price action going on here. Price was INCREASED from 895k to 1,075k this week. If you look at the price history on My Home (which is now very easy to follow) you can see that they’re either increasing the price to 1,075k or reducing it to 895k every few weeks. I’m not sure what it’s designed to achieve as either price seems grossly overvalued as discussed above.

New/updated listing at 895k

i think the reason the price keeps changing is, savill’s are not updating daft, its been 895,000 for ages on their website.

Savill’s have given up hope of ever selling it, perhaps?

When you click the original Link at the beginning, it comes up;

Ingleside, Sandycove Road, Sandycove, South Co. Dublin
This property has been either sold or withdrawn from Daft, here are some similar properties in the area.

Yet the Proprty is below, twice ? :unamused: … fr=default

The property has been around for as long as I’ve been house hunting. They put it up for a while, take it down, put it up again. I do admire the owner’s persistence though.

But only now is it somewhere near a reasonable price. They kept the price up far too high for far too long.