Innovative, dynamic organisation seeks new HQ

Oh for Christ’s sakes. … 59527.html

The abandoned Anglo HQ or so I hear , NAMA wil be the landlord :slight_smile:

Anyone got a breakdown of what 1,500 staff do?

By way of comparison. at the end of 2008, the Bank of Spain’s workforce consisted of 2,730 employees.

They do what they’ve always done, expand their functions and employ more staff.

In the 21st Century, with modern transportation and communication links there is absolutely no legitimate reason for the bank to stipulate a Dublin city centre location, after all, the Bundesbank did quite well while it was located in a completely different city to the German Parliament. And just why exactly would a State institution start bidding on a property that is allegedly being eyed by a private organisation.

If the ICB were to move to the building in question I would hope that it is at a significantly reduced rate and they do not sign an agreement with upwardly only rent reviews.

Either way, the emergence of two stories of institutions considering the same building is something of a coincidence. I think I see the hand of P.Hantom again.

Blue Horseshoe

say a lot

Frank McD really is a pretentious t$&t

I think people have an odd perception that electronic communication can replace face to face interaction completely. It can’t, for one thing there is a lot to be said for having lunch or a beer with colleagues and it does have real economic benefit in building relationships.

A very good point, BH.
One is reminded of the 1993 Eurovision in Millstreet, the Eurovision they said could never work, scoffing at the venue being a barn in the sticks, where no one would want to go.
But it worked better than anyone could imagine (apart from Gerry Ryan of course), Riverdance etc.
Thinking outside the Dublin box has never been part of CB “strategic thinking”, but hopefully our European masters will have more imaginative ideas about where Honohan and co. should place this overstaffed underemployed regional office.
(My own opinion is that Athlone, more or less in the centre of the country would be a fine spot.)

Ehhhhh… haven’t the Chinese got Athlone locked up?


How about Money Gall (very famous place with low rents) :smiley:

You folks probably won’t believe me but I’ve been living the same day over and over, everyday I wake up and its the same day, the same crazy headlines in the newspapers and the same nonsense being spouted on the airwaves, and the date, April 1st.

Why not just finish Thornton Hall?

Pyramid building, it’s what every self respecting state organ does, resources it’s all about the resources…

Apparently they use dominos to do it… or it it playing cards?

Here ya go… print 12 times:

It appears we have 35 per 100,000 - ireland ftw

I still cannot figure what they all do.