inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal


Can’t find the IT link online but it’s on their front page

Being discussed … folio.html


I’m astonished. And to think that no-one predicted this.


How did the news get out?, I thought that they had it all sewn up and names prices and locations of buyers and sellers could not be disclosed.


Hopefully whoever disclosed the information will be dragged through the Courts and jailed. Disgraceful stuff. How’s a man supposed to make a buck?


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I have to say, is anyone surprised by this?


It’s in the Sunday Times behind a paywall.

Namawinelake - … -employee/


They couldn’t be this stupid could they, to let this happen!

Ad per the articles what more evidencedo they actually need

The bubble does not seem to have burst for certain people.


RTE has details, including a quote form the employee in question … ction.html


Great story…could someone in Nama actually be briefing against NAMA? … 67656.html

I assume this means heads will roll at the C & AG’s office? Yeah right :laughing:


Was just about to post that very article BG.
It reads like a parody.


I am not surprised, the NAMA was set up with a cloak of secrecy and unaccountability by insiders that almost guarantees this behaviour.


LinkedIn gives more detail on this lad. Surprised media didn’t give more background info into him, like what he did before NAMA.



Todays indo has it that he was cleared to buy the property
So thats alright then :angry:


This property

There was a sliver of land (0.1 acre?) for sale adjacent to this for sale at the start of this year for around 200K. I’m not sure if it was part of the original plot which he is flipping, or a separate plot altogether which makes the 410K for the house + 2 acres look odd. … co__dublin


I look at the location on the riverbank and I say to myself I want.
I can’t believe that this wasn’t advertised for sale publically; 2 acres of land in Lucan surrounded by trees on the banks of the liffey is desirable irrespective of what the house is like and this property was always salable.


How could the person who signed off on this deal not forsee that this would be seen as corrupt?
They need to open up NAMA to at least allow FOI requests.


Wek should all march down to our nearest Garda station and demand a criminal investigation into this.

Time for action. We are all being screwed.


Ya reckon?


It is worth more than 400K. The tax man should be looking at the transfer to guage what the true market value was at the time.
If the taxman won’t let farms be gifted around willy nilly without getting a slice I don’t see how he’d allow this.