inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal


Why did he do it then and why is the garda backing him up?

Isn’t this the guy who purchased property for a snip off Nama developer?

Think they should throw the book at him. He would have been up to his eyeballs in non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and must have know exactly what he was doing. Any financial destitution he is suffering he brought on himself and one would hope he never works in financial services again.


No Garda ever benefited from getting penalty points scrubbed either. Great little country.


I predict a 1-year sentence, suspended in full.




The judge will also ask him to donate to the Poor Box (his barrister will lend him the cash).

To paraphrase Buffet “if he wasn’t trying to make a profit from circulating the information, what was he trying to do?”

To get convicted and sent to jail for any form of “white collar” crime in Ireland you must be:

  1. A criminal mastermind.
  2. Who profited enormously.
  3. With zero political connections.
  4. Whose barristers couldn’t find any loophole out (or appeal to you to go back and fix 3. so the judge can “find” the loophole).

… oops, after 3 & 4. i realised it is simply not possible.


where did that link come from, thought his blog was ceased for some years…and the front page of NWL blog still showing up as no activity in years?



For a while anyway (s)he was running a subscription newsletter. Not sure if it’s still going…


Suspended sentence

8DD … a-farrell/


Good summary of the case here … arrell.pdf




Half right!


So if I stole a million quid I could expect the judge to be lenient because I’d already suffered the shame of being caught? :neutral_face:


I sometimes fantasize about doing something like that as everyone seems to get away with it here. Perhaps something like the plot of the original version of the movie - “The Producers” without the jail sentence at the end. And substitute pretending to make a software product or building houses instead of putting on a Broadway play.


Well someone was sentenced to 7 years in jail for stealing a million quid today coincidentally.


Another one! … -1.2696507
Ex-Nama official facing trial for leaking information
Paul Pugh (56) charged with intentionally disclosing confidential information by email


Ex-Nama ‘big player’ used knowledge to buy Dublin site, Wallace claims - -> … -1.2720437


I had to sign something like that over a year ago, I do not think this is new

edit: Had to sign that have no connections to previous owners whoever they are


If you’re caught lying do they scowl at you severely?


Harsh but fair.