inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal

Enda Farrell…the man who knew too much :angry: (to be dragged through the Courts and a war of public affidavits)

is Treason still a crime in this country?

Enda Farrell one of the Smart Ballsy guys

Nama official Farrell is up €65,000 in property sale
House bought 18 months ago from agency borrower makes 16pc profit … 13808.html

Being one the the smart ballsy guys…is well rewarded in hard cash!

Taxpayer-funded flipping. Niiiiiiice.

Not to take anything away from how wrong this act was, but 65k is relatively small beer compared to the career suicide Enda Farrell and his wife have undergone. I imagine that was the “risk” they evaluated when formulating their plan but this just emphasises how Enda is much less important and nowhere near as smart as he wishes he were. The risk involved in the play appears to have been massively outsized compared to the likely gain.

The guys who get rich rarely “risk it all”, but they frequently like people to think that they did.

So, Enda Farrell’s solicitor sent an email to the wrong Enda Farrell today.

I’m sorry but this is flipping just ridiculous. I’m quoting myself from page 3 on this thread above which quoted Farrell’s linkedin at the time. I heard McDonagh saying on the radio to the committee that Farrell was “not involved in loan valuation”

I know people pump up their CVs but surely McDonagh has to resign? … gainst-it/

Is this some sort of Lenny answer? He tells committee barefacedly he wasn’t involved in loan valuation whatsoever. Push a bit harder and find out he was involved in property valuation. FFS is this the type of public servant we have?

It depends on what “property valuation due diligence” means. Could it mean that he was in some support role for the property valuers? But even so, he’d probably have been exposed to the property valuation secrets. … -1.1881067

No mention as to who exactly this person is who was doing NAMA insider trading. … 62130.html

Enda Farrell charged at Dublin District Court: … rell-nama/

I say he won’t see a day in prison but I doubt prospective employers will be tripping over themselves to employ him and that might make others think twice before passing information to third parties.

A real patriot is that Enda Farrell lad, his family in a few generations time will be so proud when they put together the family tree and see what a man he was

Only two years to charge this one. In ODCE / DPP terms that’s a mere blink of an eye. At this rate of improvement they might start getting some convictions. Maybe even an actual custodial sentence, heaven forfend! :unamused:

It’s going to trial anyway.

It’s coming up to Halloween.
Put on a Charlie Bird mask and start knocking on his door.

Former Nama official charged with leaking secret data bailed until next March … 07577.html

Enda Farrell is on the lam now. He may get away with it if he shows in three weeks time and is adequately contrite on the day. :wink: … 33358.html

What’s he doing giving a Brussels address if he “Lives IN France” eh???