inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal


Former Nama official charged with leaking secret data bailed until next March … 07577.html


Enda Farrell is on the lam now. He may get away with it if he shows in three weeks time and is adequately contrite on the day. :wink: … 33358.html

What’s he doing giving a Brussels address if he “Lives IN France” eh???



No sh1t comment of the century!

Sadly, when FG got into power they completely changed the purpose of NAMA. Lenihan(sp), correctly in my opinion, expected NAMA to hold the assets for up to 10 years to allow for a general recovery in asset prices. FG changed that, accelerating the wind down of NAMA which effectively put it into liquidation. Liquidation in this case means bumper profits for investors.


Nama loses key Freedom of Information court case … -1.2259930


I don’t think it is possible but I would love to See Gavin Sheridan get awarded a wage by way of costs for all time he put into it.


It’s a great success for Gavin Sheridan, and once again shows up the mainstream media here for being useless, but really this was something of a technicality and is unfortunately unlikely to actually reveal any useful information about NAMA. It’s not even FOI, it’s an environmental version of FOI.


Interesting. I have no idea what this will mean in truth. It’s been so long. I’m sure Gavin is over the moon journalistically and personally. Tenacity pays off. Perhaps his time at (is he still there?) gave him the chance to keep pluggin’ away. I know they needed funding early on for all those FOI’s.

So NAMA is a public body. To me that’s even more interesting than it now being liable for FOI’s.

So the legal slight of hand no longer exists. NAMA is no longer the Vatican of Vaticans but an inner cellular division of (EU) Ireland, Republic.

If Irish water wasn’t enough now we have a new one hmmm… so let’s see should they change their name to NATIONAL ASSEST & MARKET (MANAGEMENT) AGENCY?

Could we privatise it now and make a few quid while the going is good and no FOI’s are out of the gates?

Are there competition law issues now?



According to NWL Enda is up for sentencing on Thursday after some below the radar court activity recently.


Good PDF. Look at the difference in writing style between that well-written and balanced piece and the shite that the Twitter account spouts. I’d bet the blog person (who may of course not be the original NWL) has lost control of the @namawinelake twitter account.


Guilty plea, sentencing on 12th May. Definitely one to watch. … ama-court/


if they can’t make a case that he profited (substantially) from the deal and that the State suffered substantially then he will serve no time.
he has three kids and a wife so it will be hard for a Judge to send him to jail.


Well, we know she has a lot of documents anyway…


Really? I mean, really? … 47540.html


Why did he do it then and why is the garda backing him up?

Isn’t this the guy who purchased property for a snip off Nama developer?

Think they should throw the book at him. He would have been up to his eyeballs in non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and must have know exactly what he was doing. Any financial destitution he is suffering he brought on himself and one would hope he never works in financial services again.


No Garda ever benefited from getting penalty points scrubbed either. Great little country.


I predict a 1-year sentence, suspended in full.




The judge will also ask him to donate to the Poor Box (his barrister will lend him the cash).

To paraphrase Buffet “if he wasn’t trying to make a profit from circulating the information, what was he trying to do?”

To get convicted and sent to jail for any form of “white collar” crime in Ireland you must be:

  1. A criminal mastermind.
  2. Who profited enormously.
  3. With zero political connections.
  4. Whose barristers couldn’t find any loophole out (or appeal to you to go back and fix 3. so the judge can “find” the loophole).

… oops, after 3 & 4. i realised it is simply not possible.


where did that link come from, thought his blog was ceased for some years…and the front page of NWL blog still showing up as no activity in years?