inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal



For a while anyway (s)he was running a subscription newsletter. Not sure if it’s still going…


Suspended sentence

8DD … a-farrell/


Good summary of the case here … arrell.pdf




Half right!


So if I stole a million quid I could expect the judge to be lenient because I’d already suffered the shame of being caught? :neutral_face:


I sometimes fantasize about doing something like that as everyone seems to get away with it here. Perhaps something like the plot of the original version of the movie - “The Producers” without the jail sentence at the end. And substitute pretending to make a software product or building houses instead of putting on a Broadway play.


Well someone was sentenced to 7 years in jail for stealing a million quid today coincidentally.


Another one! … -1.2696507
Ex-Nama official facing trial for leaking information
Paul Pugh (56) charged with intentionally disclosing confidential information by email


Ex-Nama ‘big player’ used knowledge to buy Dublin site, Wallace claims - -> … -1.2720437


I had to sign something like that over a year ago, I do not think this is new

edit: Had to sign that have no connections to previous owners whoever they are


If you’re caught lying do they scowl at you severely?


Harsh but fair.