inquiry into 'insider' NAMA deal


Hit the collective unconscious August too… pin-mind dun’t forget as your post is testament so.


Mr Farrell is being ‘quizzed’ as we speak - thats reassuring.


Why would he possibly agree to speak to the auditors? It can only end badly for him. I presume some kind of severance payment is still pending.


Have we arrived at a conclusion on this piece of ‘insider’ dealing then??


I’m STILL waiting…


I think this is too easy; it reminds me of a thread elsewhere about the origins of some of the principals involved in our financial sector collapse.


Former Nama employee investigated over deal


according to report auditors found it was “transacted at market price”!!!
I’d disagree strongly.


If they are correct then isn’t the rest of NAMA’s portfolio really fucked? What happened to LTEV?


It’s in the High Court - RTE News:

I wonder why NAMA wanted the High Court proceedings to be private?


I was told details from a reliable source of two other NAMA purchases that were made by third parties on behalf of NAMA employees… Nama is working as intended. 8- everyone except those that are running it or those thart can influence it.


Yes, I’ve heard about one in Tullamore - being turned around and on sale at what will be a handsome profit.

You can’t miss it, under the I of O’Connor’s clock…


INBS old building?

I’ve heard that all the units in one of the shopping centres in Tullamore have found their way back in to the ownership of the guy who built the shopping centre. Most would have been held by quinlan partners.


I think it’s fair to say that if the allegations are proven then these guys are traitor, and MUST be treated accordingly. Long jail sentences are the only deterrent.

The establishment better be careful not steal ALL the food from the sleeping populace. :nin


Is this Alice Kramer a “compliance” expert and if so surely the Financial Regulator should investigate. ???


FFS, “Deloitte” the internal auditors found nothing. Deloitte will tell anyone what they want to hear for their wages. Ireland is rotten from the core out. The Big 4 are as much to blame as anyone else.


Well ‘an’ Alice Kramer, working as a Manager for Ernst and Young in Dublin, has completely deleted her Linkedin Profile since the Google Cache trawled it on 24 August 2012. Funny that. :slight_smile: … =firefox-a


So NAMA are taking action because they allege he took information when he left NAMA? And are assuming, possibly correctly, he’s so dumb it’s still on his computer six weeks after the story broke.

Everyone leaving NAMA will have important information and some of them will even be able to keep in in their heads. All they need is trivial details on a handful of interesting properties – it’s not like it they need to take a few gigs of source code files. If all NAMA can pin him for is taking information via a computer that seems an open invitation for further abuse.


There’s a bit more to it than that.

When I started reading it I was thinking there were other people I would like NAMA to be suing but this looks like it could be very interesting.


Not correct.

Do we know if Deloitte found the tasty stuff as well?