Insects as Food

I’m a gonna keep this simple - this is very bad.

I think it’s but another asymmetrical attack on human immune systems (or what is left intact). This one line should also naturally raise pre-cautionary run for you life reflex:

…But experts say the insects can trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to certain shellfish, mites or snails.

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They most certianly can and already do when not even in the food supply!

Why is that one line so important?

Keep in mind the immune system has two vector points of entry that remain permanently open to the world. The lungs, and the digestive system.

A good portion of the immune systems pro-active work is done by your digestive systems microbial gut flora and fauna, from bacteria to fungi, once in relative balance, they provide major protection, and let’s not forget is seeded by your mothers colostrum at birth before the milk arrives.

Insects being blended into the mass produced human food is a terrifically bad idea for this sole reason alone, and there are many other reasons, but in the current context it’s beyond suspicious.

If you have a pre-existing allegery of a type, then exposure to another source with similar proteins can cause your allergic reaction to broaden out, invariably getting worse and possibly out of control, slow or fast.

Drastically reducing your quality of life, and even killing you.

Now I look at the world, I look at least 2 decades (more in the US) decades of ramped up injections form the moment of birth through all the key developmental years at infancy to clearly childhood with a quantity of all manner of stuff and then we add in the dozy of the recent mass injection of mRNA/DNA and I see a recipe for further human suffering and destruction.

The immune system is beyond amazing, but they’ve scared people IMHO using only half truths about the reality of how it works, because they are using the knowledge to keep you sick or kill you, fast or slow, decimating your innate immune system function, the thing that keep you alive in the wild, out of their control and alive.

If you consume or come into contact with another source that shares the same DNA say as a dust mite does with shellfish you can potentially become allergic to shellfish and then many other things, as your immune system is over reacting to what it thinks is the same threat again, while it is technically, it’s another source, but it doesn’t discriminate up to that level if the source is safe, it’s primed to see that DNA detected threat, suddenly every mouthful becomes an potential mine, the supermarket a minefield.

Surely people have noticed the rapaciousness of allergies and everyone being immune something or bothered now at this point?

Shellfish allergy is an important cause of anaphylaxis in America and Asia. The principal allergen is tropomyosin, a shellfish structural protein, which is a food panallergen founded in the majority of shellfish. This allergen can also be found in dust mites.(1)

So a quick search to conclude this post, to see if I have it right :astonished:

Tropomyosin is a major cross-reactive allergen across invertebrates including
insects and shellfish and has multiple isoforms per species of varying function, sequence, and expression. Extractions of diverse insects must be sufficiently representative to be comparable. This study used a mass spectrometry compatible buffer and a zwitterionic-chaotropic buffer with sequential extractions. Both buffers were found to be sufficiently representative via rabbit anti-shrimp tropomyosin IgG.

These extractions were used for further immunoblotting with shrimp-allergic sera and sera from subjects with self-reported shellfish allergy or sensitization to shellfish. Tropomyosins were cloned from several samples and their sequences investigated for epitopes and semi-quantitative mass spectrometry.

A pattern of low reactivity was found for several samples not corroborated
by quantitative data. Further cloning is necessary to align these data sets.
Resistance to digestion is a common test for potential allergenicity as epitopes
may persist after digestion. Use of pepsin is standard, although this may not be as
representative as a direct assay of the source food. Simulated gastric pepsinolysis was performed with defatted Acheta domesticus cricket powder and immunoblotted against shrimp-allergic sera and rabbit anti-tropomyosin IgG. Patterns of reactivity were similar against non-reduced samples with relatively lower reactivity with allergic sera against reduced samples. The allergic sera was predominantly cross-reactive with tropomyosin with lesser reactivity against reduced forms of cricket tropomyosins.

It was found that insect based foods pose potential risk to shellfish allergic
patients due to homologous proteins including tropomyosin.

Therefore, based on the insane quantity of injections aka vaccines given to infants and children over the last two decades, and the recent the mass injecting of the mRNA/DNA shots into people - it is IMHO and experience that it is virtually guaranteed that the hidden insect proteins being blended into the human food chain, will trigger immune response with negative consequences for many people including especially children chasing untold harm.

It’s hard to fathom the depths of war waged by Pharma on the human immune systems at this point, individually, shared and inter generational is at a critical point - that introducing such foreign proteins into the human food supply, will most certainly create millions of people to become very sick people and even cause death.

You really don’t want to go there, you’ll be hooked on Pharma goo that will never cure you, and you life quality will reduce.

Yes yes I know there is a portion of insect material in foods, but that is the natural as much as you can call it mix of the world, it being proactively farmed and loaded human food with insect proteins as a replacement for that which has sustained all generations to date is not normal, the same way Soya flour is not normal in the human food chain particularly in the west but is now in many products due to cost, and yea who knows what that has done to people.

It should at least be clear that such radical mass reengineering of food using absolute lies as justification is simply not ever going to be in your best interest.

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