Inside Nama Primetime 02/11/10

Just starting

thanks for the warning, will know to avoid it.

is miriam quoting from the wrong business plan?

to answer myself, yes. Pity the minister was none the wiser.

What a waste of time.

12 bn recapitalisation for lending to small business! Mr. DCU doesn’t seem to care that this is going to cover losses - it is paying back bondholders and depositors. Just like the money sinking in the hole in Anglo.

I retain my perception that NAMA is designed to screw the big lifestyle developers, underpay for the loans of and cut deals with the borrowers so to make a profit in time for FF 2022 election campaign. Oh and bail out the lifestyles of the Irish rich and not so famous while it is at it.

She’ll be Cumaan round the mountain when she comes…

The best part was where he claimed they were saving the taxpayer money by paying less for the loans. :laughing: